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Suits Preview: “Uninvited Guests” 

Suits Preview: “Uninvited Guests”
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network
Photo Credit: Ian Watson/USA Network
Photo Credit: Ian Watson/USA Network

Two topics took over last week’s episode of USA Network’s Suits: Mike’s big secret and Harvey punching Louis.

Yes, Claire surprised everyone by being the opposing counsel on Mike’s first case as a junior partner. His strategy for dealing with this powder keg of a situation was to let Rachel handle the face-to-face meetings.

I’m wondering about the purpose of Claire’s return. It brought Mike’s fraudulent secret to the forefront again but why? I keep thinking that it might have something to do with whatever Daniel Hardman and Jack Soloff are up to. There’s also the matter of what Claire said to Mike in the one scene Patrick J. Adams and Troian Bellisario shared the entire episode. She’s yet another person who knows his secret but isn’t going to do anything about it. At the same time, she’s got some definite opinions about his character. She clearly doesn’t think Mike’s gotten his s–t together. She basically questioned his feelings for Rachel.

Mike: I also wanted to know why you’re letting me go?
Claire: Because Rachel begged me to. And because she said that she loved you and you turned your life around.
Mike: And you believed her?
Claire: I believe that she loves you. But if you want to know the truth, no, I don’t believe you turned your life around. And I definitely don’t believe you love her.
Mike: What? How can you say that?
Claire: Because you’ve convinced her that it’s all gonna be okay. That you two are just gonna get to live happily ever after and I didn’t want to be the one to make that all come crashing down. But you know what, Mike? One day, it is going to come crashing down. And if you really do love her, you’ll put a stop to this right now.
Mike: You think I should stop being a lawyer?
Claire: I’m saying if you really love her, you won’t marry her.

Those had to be tough words for Mike to hear. The question is, will he go through with the wedding? So far there have been minor bumps in the road for Mike and Rachel post-engagement. Things might have just hit a big snag. How will this conversation affect Mike moving forward?

Meanwhile, Jessica tried to diffuse the Harvey/Louis situation by sending Harvey on a mandatory two-week vacation. Louis was on a rampage, threatening to sue Harvey for this attack. Donna couldn’t do much to soften Louis’ stance but she did tell him to keep things in the family. Louis was out for blood. He wanted Harvey suspended for three months and was prepared to get the partners to back him up with a vote, even after Harvey went to Louis and explained his actions:

Harvey: I have been seeing a psychiatrist.
Louis: What? No you haven’t. This is some kind of trick.
Harvey: I’ve been seeing someone to get help for panic attacks.
Louis: You’ve been having panic attacks?
Harvey: Yes.
Louis: Where?
Harvey: I don’t want to get into..
Louis: Where?
Harvey: In the office.
Louis: When?
Harvey: They happen when they happen. Louis, I am telling you the truth.
Louis: My God. How long have they…
Harvey: They started a few months ago.
Louis: A few…when Donna left?
Harvey: Yes, when Donna left. But it isn’t really about donna. That was a trigger. At least that’s what they tell me. It goes deeper…family…my relationships…let’s just say I’m trying to work through some shit.
Louis: So when I said those things it struck a nerve.
Harvey: Oh, it did more than that, Louis. It hurt.
Louis: You hurt me too, Harvey.
Harvey: I know and I”m sorry. It’s no excuse but I wanted you to know why I did what I did and where it was coming from.

If you’ve been with Suits since the beginning, you know it’s almost next to impossible to get Harvey to apologize. But he did it.

Harvey: Louis, I’m sorry for Esther. I’m sorry for lying to you. And I’m sorry that I attacked you.
Louis: I accept your apology.
Harvey: Thank you, Louis.

This was the most vulnerable Harvey’s been in what seems like ever. And he let Louis see him like this. I was proud of him for his sincerity. However, he managed to muck it up by bringing up the suspension. Which, to Louis, made it seem like the only reason he came clean was to prevent this suspension from happening. So Louis enacted some revenge. He accepted Harvey’s apology and told him to come back to work right away so he could attend Mike’s partnership vote. And then at the vote, Louis proceeded to hit Harvey where it hurt. He ambushed him and called for immediate suspension. For some reason, Jack Soloff was able to use Louis’ own bylaws to delay the vote for a few days. Louis didn’t look happy. Harvey sure as hell wasn’t happy. This led to another confrontation, this time in the restroom.

Louis admits what he did was payback for Esther. As for the panic attacks Harvey confessed about earlier — Louis doesn’t even believe those even happened. He doesn’t even think Harvey’s in therapy. Little does Harvey know, but Louis taped this not so pleasant conversation. Thankfully Donna finds it and threatens to stop working for Louis if he uses it. She knew Louis was up to something — because just like Jack Soloff, Louis thinks things come too easily to Harvey.

Do things come too easily for Harvey? I mean, he’s had success early and a lot of it. But he also works hard and he’s able to back up all the hype with his intellect, cleverness and his ability to problem-solve like nobody’s business. He’s not only book smart, he’s street smart. And he’s willing to do almost anything to win, provided it doesn’t break his personal code. But have they watched everybody that’s gone after Harvey these past few years? To me, it doesn’t seem like things always go so easily for Harvey.

Anyway, the end of the episode ends without the vote. That means, it’s all going down tonight. And wouldn’t you know it, Daniel Hardman is back yet again. This makes me hella nervous.

The Official Synopsis for “Uninvited Guests”

Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network

Rachel and her mother, Laura Zane, plan for Rachel’s dream wedding, but Rachel fears the event may reveal Mike’s secret.

Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network

Meanwhile Daniel Hardman and Jack Soloff make their move against Jessica and the partners…

Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network

…as Harvey and Mike tangle with Hardman’s mysterious backer…

Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network

…and Louis tries to find Jack’s Achilles heel.

Questions for “Uninvited Guest” and beyond

How reluctant is Jack Soloff in his dealings with Daniel Hardman?

How much of a puppet master has Hardman been when it comes to Jack?

Did he advise Jack to put Mike up for junior partner?

Will Jessica’s decision to go with the flow and approve this promotion come back to bite her in the you-know-what?

Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network

Will Mike’s secret and Harvey’s recent issues play into whatever plan Hardman has cooked up?

Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network
Photo Credit: Shane Mahood/USA Network

Will Jessica be able to step up in the badass way only she knows how in order to stop this latest Daniel Hardman scheme?

Will Harvey and Louis be able to work together in order to stop Hardman Soloff? Hey, they should start their OWN firm. Hardman Soloff actually sounds like a law firm.

Who’s taking bets on whether the Rachel/Mike wedding takes place? Will Mike be able to go through with it after what Claire said?

Will Donna last the entire first ten episodes of Season 5 as Louis’ assistant? I’m a little shocked but pleasantly surprised she’s hanging in there. Would like to see more Gretchen though. Love how she and Harvey interact.

Will Harvey do what Jack Soloff suggests and do something that will make him look more humble with the rest of the partners? Will he take that three-month suspension?

Will there even be a Pearson Specter Litt after Daniel Hardman’s through with them?

After tonight there’s only one episode left until the summer finale. And I’m positively heartbroken about that fact. Suits has been one of my FAVORITE shows of this summer season. Season 5 has been painful and emotional but wonderful.

Suits “Uninvited Guest” airs tonight at 9/8c on USA Network.

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