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Thoughts and Favorite Quotes from the Suits Season Three Summer Finale “Stay” 

Suits - Season 3
Photo Credit: Ian Watson/USA Network

[WARNING: Major spoilers form Suits season three summer finale]

The Suits season three summer finale was stellar to say the least. All my many, many thoughts about the episode:

-Harvey really does know how to say ‘I’m sorry.’ I’m stunned. He was handing apologies out all over the place in “Stay.”

Very first scene: “I’m sorry, Scottie. I didn’t believe you but you were telling me the truth.”

In the deposition (To Ava): “You wanted to know if I’m sorry, I am. I’m sorry, I didn’t listen to you. I’m sorry, I didn’t believe you. I am sorry that my history with Cameron put a target on your back. But I am not sorry that I did everything in my power to help you, every chance I got.”

With Mike: “Mike, I’m sorry.” (short but sweet but the hand on the shoulder spoke volumes)

-Mike was kind of a d–k there for a while with the whole Stanford thing. So glad he came around. I knew he would.

Suits - Season 3
Photo Credit: Ian Watson/USA Network

-Jessica doesn’t play. She wanted to engineer the split from Darby behind Scottie’s back to get out of this mess. She cajoles Donna and uses her gossip-loving self to spill the beans on Mike and Rachel. She forces Mike to get Rachel to sign an affidavit saying he’s a fraud and she knows about it. She remains her badass self. But sometimes she has me wondering whether she’s a good guy or a bad guy. I guess you can say the same of just about everyone on this show. They all have their shady moments.

-When Donna and Mike were chatting about Scottie’s affidavit, Mike talked about how brutal it must have been for Scottie. Donna immediately opined how brutal it must have been for Harvey. Donna always has Harvey’s back. It’s a beautiful thing.

Suits - Season 3
Photo Credit: Ian Watson/USA Network

-Harvey’s one of my favorite characters currently on TV. He just is. He has his own code he lives by and he’s sarcastic as hell. But in reality, he instills loyalty in the people he works with. He will protect them. And they’ll do anything to protect him back. Sure, he pisses a lot of people off. He attacks first and then thinks of the consequences later. But he always steps up when he needs to step up. That Ava apology was genuine and he still managed to remain himself. He’s awesome.

-Tanner’s an ass that will never win when he goes up against Harvey. He’s a loser. A liar. And a cheater. Completely sleazy. He’s a soulless human being. Eric Close’s Travis Tanner on Suits is actually douchier than Teddy Conrad, the character he plays on ABC’s Nashville. And that’s saying a lot. Someday soon, I think I need to see Close play a non-douchey character. Just to cleanse my TV palate.

-Young Harvey and Louis photos = awesomeness personified

-I love that when Rachael Harris says her character’s name — “Sheila Amanda Sazs” — it doesn’t sound like she’s saying “Sheila Amanda’s ass.” But when Rick Hoffman’s Louis Litt says her name it definitely sounds like he’s saying “Sheila’s ass.”

Suits - Season 3
Photo Credit: Ian Watson/USA Network

-Louis enters an exclusive arrangement with Sheila. Rachel chooses Mike and Columbia Law School (with a side deal that would keep her at Pearson Specter). And Harvey wants Scottie in his life. All three guys end up with the girls. When does that ever happen? Too bad Donna’s season three relationship went bust. And Jessica needs some lovin’ too. If that doesn’t happen in the next six episodes, may it happen in season four.

Gabriel Macht has the power to break my heart with one line. When he told Scottie that he couldn’t take Tanner coming after her, wow. So much emotion from a character that doesn’t like to show he has the capability of feeling things.

Suits - Season 3
Photo Credit: Ian Watson/USA Network

-And then Macht did it again in a scene with Mike after Harvey disposed of Tanner. Mike was in dire straits after Jessica’s little stunt with the affidavit. Just putting his hand on Mike’s shoulder was quite the emotional gesture. And it came with another apology. It was an amazing moment.

-If I ever doubted that Rachel could play amongst the sharks at Pearson Specter, those doubts are so over. Loved her confronting Jessica and getting something she wanted out of it. I am so proud of her:

Rachel: “Mike said you were worried that Robert Zane’s daughter knew his secret, which got me thinking about my father and something he’s always said.”

Jessica: “Which is?”

Rachel: “Don’t sign anything unless you can get something in return.”

Jessica: “It’s called consideration.”

Rachel: “I know what it’s called.”

Jessica: “What do you want?”

Rachel: “You want me to guarantee that I won’t do something that I would never do. I want you to guarantee that you will do something that you thought that you would never do but should do.”

Jessica: “Can’t wait to hear this.”

Rachel: “Waive the Harvard rule for me.”

Jessica: “You’re not even a lawyer.”

Rachel: “But I will be. And when I am I want to work here.”

Jessica: “The Harvard rule is the longest-standing rule we have.”

Rachel: “I have been killing it here for the better part of a decade. I’m better than most of the associates in that bullpen and I haven’t even gone to law school yet. So imagine what it’ll be like once I have.”

Jessica: “You are your father’s daughter.”

Rachel: “Yes, I am. But I don’t want to work for him. I want to work for you.”

-I’m proud of Rachel. But is she going to tell Mike about the deal she made with Jessica?

-I’m so glad this Ava Hessington story is mostly done. I didn’t think I would be into the British invasion. But I was wrong. Very wrong. It ended up being fascinating TV. But I’m also ready for it and the whole Darby business to be over.

-Mike and Harvey are in a world of trouble when the show returns. Of course, he looked at those Harvard student files. Louis will be out for blood. Bring it on. 2014 needs to get here now and I’m not even kidding.

Favorite Harvey Quotes

To Tanner: “I just thought Hessington was in the oil business not the snake oil business.”

To Tanner: “Bulls–t, you have a subscription to Harvey Specter Monthly and I know it.”

To Mike: “Don’t tell me. Quarterback asked her to the prom?”

To Mike: “Well, I guess you’re the expert, because the only thing you graduated from is high school.”

To Mike: “And I’m not trying to be defensive, I’m just telling you, I don’t know everything about everything. Look, Mike. If you want to know how to be a lawyer, I’m your man. You want to know how to deal with love, that’s not my area.”

To Tanner: “Because he’s a lying son of a bitch, you’re a piece of s–t and this is the end of this deposition.”

To Tanner: “It’s an arrest warrant for your father. Turns out he did a little insider trading and I pulled some strings.”

To Scottie: “You’re not listening to me, okay? I can’t take it!”

To Tanner: “Tanner, I hope you still have that quarter I gave you, cause I think it’s time to call your mom.”

To Mike: “We hit a single. Just kidding. We knocked the son of a bitch out of the park.”

To Scottie: “To kicking Travis Tanner’s ass.”

To Scottie: “I want you in my life.”

Favorite Louis Quotes

To Mike: “Oh, Mike, you’re so silly. You know nothing about women. If she wanted to be exclusive with me, she’d just come right out and say…it…Holy s–t, it was staring me right in the face.”

To Mike: “Get out of my way, I have a letter to compose.”

To Sheila: “A.M. delivery is a scam, Sheila. It gets there at the same time anyway.”

To Sheila: “Well, then, give me a deed, I’ll do it. Give me a mountain, I’ll climb it. Give me a Katy Perry song, I’ll sing it.”

To Sheila: “Sheila Amanda Sazs, I want to be exclusive with you.”

Looking at the Harvard student files: “You gotta be kidding me. Harvey Specter. What a douche.”

Looking at the Harvard student files: “What the hell? Mike Ross. He’s not here.”

Favorite Jessica Quotes

To Scottie: “We’ve gone down that road before. Turns out he [Harvey] doesn’t play well with others.”

To Ava: “You want to throw stones, Ava. We’ve got some rocks of our own.”

Favorite Mike Quotes

To Harvey: “I was just asking for an assignment. Captain Pinstripe’s the one who brought up the girlfriend. And second of all, people actually had girlfriends after high school, which you wouldn’t know, because, emotionally, you never graduated.”

To Rachel: “I’m all the way over here. Being all space-giving and adorable.”

To Rachel: “I just realized that if I go his way, I’m gonna lose you. But if I keep going mine, I’m gonna push you away. So make your decision and I’ll give you your space.”

To Rachel: “You go to Stanford, we’ll beat the odds.”

To Rachel: “I can’t stand that I put you in this position. And the only way I can see out of this…is for you to go to Stanford.”

To Rachel: “You were messing with me. You got me!”

Favorite Scottie Quotes

To Tanner (who’s offering her coffee): “After meeting you, I’d say there’s an 80% chance of a roofie in there.”

To Tanner: “Look, I’m gonna say it ’cause you already know it. I betrayed Harvey once. It’s never going to happen again.”

To Harvey: “I know that you care about me. You have made that very clear. But I am not interested in working with someone day in and day out where all they can manage to say is: ‘I care about you.'”

Favorite Donna Quotes

To Mike: “I’m not just protecting Scottie. I’m protecting Harvey. Because he may not know how he feels, but I do.”

To Stephen: “You lied so we lied.”

Favorite Rachel Quote (other than the Rachel/Jessica convo)

To Mike: “I don’t need a list to tell me that I don’t want to be without you.”

Suits returns to USA Network in early 2014.

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