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It’s Complicated: The Arroyo/McKenzie Relationship, Golden Boy “Longshot” 

Photo Credit: Jeff Neumannl/Warner Bros.
Photo Credit: Jeff Neumannl/Warner Bros.

After ending up in the line of fire in “Sacrifice,” we knew Arroyo was taking inventory on his life. We knew he was questioning some of his past decisions and whether or not he wanted to be a different kind of man going forward. In “Longshot,” it seems like he’s making some changes. Does he finally realize how important his relationship with McKenzie is – both in and out of the precinct? Is he willing to be less competitive and more inclusive when working cases with Clark and Owen? Is he ready to make some serious life changes?

Short answer: no. Of course Arroyo was hedging his bets. Not even he can change that quickly. And, quite frankly, I’m not sure he really wants to change. He’s still the kind of guy who will consider all his options and then pick the one that makes the most sense – but he’s always got a back-up and he’s always going to try to work an angle. Whether or not McKenzie was ever in love with him, Arroyo used to be the kind of guy she could trust to do the right thing. Even if she saw him bend the rules, she always knew it was to solve a case, it was never about ego. Or, that’s how it was before. Now McKenzie feels like she no longer knows him; Arroyo will lie to anyone to get what he wants. Does he even know the difference between right and wrong these days? We can see how much Arroyo cares about McKenzie, but he clearly cares more about himself and saving face if she rejects him. And it’s going to cost him their partnership.

Photo Credit: Jeff Neumannl/Warner Bros.
Photo Credit: Jeff Neumannl/Warner Bros.

Other tidbits:

  • Walt’s father has recruited his mother to worm his way back into their children’s lives. But as Walt has proven time and time again, he’s smart. He did his homework when those mystery letters showed up. He knew the story his mom was giving him didn’t make any sense but he doesn’t know his mom is in on it. Poor Walt and Agnes. This is not going to end well for them.
  • Things are getting ugly with Deputy Mayor Holbrook. He pretended not to know what was going on between Clark and Margot when he showed up unexpectedly on her doorstep. But Owen and Clark have a bit of leverage on him now. We’ll see just how much trouble he’s willing to make for Clark if he could end up in jail for some spotty on-the-job decisions.

Golden Boy airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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