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Rogue “The Aquarium / Fireball” 


3 homemade bullets, 3 targets. Are they connected? And if so, how? That’s the mystery Grace Travis intends to unravel after one of those bullets kills her 7 year-old son. His death seems to be the result of a drive-by shooting, but the evidence she uncovers tells another story. One of the other bullets kills organized crime accountant Tony Aldon, while the last one – intended for Jimmy Laszlo – wounds Grace while she’s undercover as Jackie Hays.

Jackie knows she won’t get far in her investigation without Jimmy’s help and after he learns her true identity, she realizes he’s not likely to trust anything that comes out of her mouth. But he does his own research. A few of the things she told him while pleading for her life pan out. So instead of killing Grace like he promised to do, Jimmy asks for her help. Since IAD has suspended her pending an investigation, what does Grace have to lose? Jimmy’s got a traitor in his operation and only Jacks is going to be able to help him flush that person out.

The Players

Photo Credit: DirecTV
Photo Credit: DirecTV

Thandie Newton is Grace Travis/Jackie Hays

When her son dies while she’s undercover it sets Grace off on a quest to find out what really happened. When she’s undercover, she’s in deep – she doesn’t answer her phone or come up for air for any reason. She’s seemingly more dedicated to solving the mystery of her son’s murder then being there for her family. And it’s taking a toll on her home life. After Jimmy’s Oakland PD mole outs her to Jimmy, Grace thinks it’s just a matter of time before Jimmy kills her – after all, that’s what he said he’d do But when Jimmy realizes he can’t trust the people around him, he turns to Jackie for help.

Photo Credit: DirecTV
Photo Credit: DirecTV

Martin Csokas is Jimmy Laszlo

Head of a major crime organization, Jimmy wants his shot at going straight. With newer outfits threatening his territory and his life, he’s ready to make a change. But after his opportunity to get out disappears, Jimmy is intent on finding out where his $25 million went and who is trying to kill him. And he’s got a thing for Jackie.

Photo Credit: DirecTV
Photo Credit: DirecTV

Joshua Sasse is Alec Laszlo

Champing at the bit to take over his father’s empire, Alec is a loudmouthed hot head. But his family is the most important thing in his life. Alec is a magnet for trouble – if it doesn’t find him, he goes looking for it. He’s quick to speak his mind, often without thinking and as a result his father usually ignores his contributions. It doesn’t help that his wife is always whispering in his ear about how Jimmy doesn’t respect or listen to him.

Photo Credit: DirecTV
Photo Credit: DirecTV

Matthew Beard is Max Laszlo

Locked up for a year, Max is finally out of the joint. We don’t know why he went away, but his family is happy to have him back. Very different from his brother Alec, Max doesn’t seem to want to be involved in the family business.

Photo Credit: DirecTV
Photo Credit: DirecTV

Leah Diane Gibson is Cathy Laszlo

Cathy is no dummy. She knows how to use her body and her brains to manipulate her husband into doing what she thinks is best for him to get ahead at work. She can’t understand why Jimmy won’t give Alec his due in the organization.

Photo Credit: DirecTV
Photo Credit: DirecTV

Ian Tracey is Lucas “Mitch” Mitchel

Although constantly put down by Grace as a cop who hasn’t “broken a case in years,” Mitch is the one person she can turn to for help. He wants a quiet, uncomplicated life but with Grace in his orbit, that’s just not going to happen. And when he really starts digging into the murder of Grace’s son, he’s gets on the radars of some very powerful people.

Kavan Smith as Tom Travis

Grace’s long-suffering husband. He’s her rock, but he’s losing patience with Grace. She’s not putting him or their daughter first and he’s getting tired of it. He’s not sure they’ll ever get back to normal.

Jarod Joseph is Nicholas Fleming

A rookie cop looking to learn the ropes on the job and fit in. He notices Grace when she’s at the Oakland police department one day.

Claudia Ferri is Sophia Hernandez

Lieutenant Hernandez is a no-nonsense boss. She speaks her mind and is a stickler for following procedure and chain-of-command. It’s a shame that she’s got two loose canons in her department in Grace Travis and Buddy Wilson, but she does her best to keep them reigned in.

Photo Credit: DirecTV
Photo Credit: DirecTV

Ian Hart is Buddy Wilson

Maybe there’s a good cop deep down in there somewhere, but Buddy comes off as a liability with a lot of black (although not permanent) marks on his record. He does get results so the other cops at the precinct give him a fair amount of latitude. And when he finds out Grace has gone back undercover without permission and without telling anyone, he plays along. Can he be trusted? Only time will tell.

Martin Donovan is Richard Campbell

We haven’t met him yet, but he’s the Chief of Police and certain to have a lot to say about this case and how it’s being handled. The consummate politician, he may even have his eye on becoming the mayor one day.

Rogue airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on DirecTV’s Audience Network.

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