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Bomb Girls Season 2 Preview [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Reelz Channel
Photo Credit: Reelz Channel

Apologies, kids! Bomb Girls rolled out its second season in the U.S. on Reelz Channel last Wednesday and I missed it. Upside? They are running two episodes every week so you can get re-immersed quickly. 

As the second season opens, the girls are still hard at work on the war effort, Lorna has a big decision to make, Vera wants to make a move at the plant, and Betty is fretting about an MIA Kate.

By the time we pick up with episode 3, most of those hanging-out-there moments from the end of season one have been resolved and we’re diving into new arcs with each of the ladies. You can catch a rerun of the second episode, the Valentine’s Day-themed “Roses Red,” tonight at 8/7c and then episode 3, “Enemy Within,” immediately following at 9/8c. Next week, there will be two new episodes back to back starting at 8 pm/7c.

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect this season.

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