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I’ll Be Back: Reasons to Keep Watching Camelot 

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I like my historical dramas like I like most of my TV shows, with plenty of drama and at least one piece of eye candy. I also appreciate it if there is an attempt at historical accuracy but I usually don’t object too loudly when it isn’t achieved. Considering the legend of King Arthur is really just a myth I’m not expecting too much in that area. I do like historical dramas that actually teach me something I don’t know about a culture or a time in history so we’ll see how that goes. I’ll definitely tune in for the second episode and probably watch the entire series. Here’s why:

Eva Green. I love her as Morgan but I keep wanting to call her Morgana. Even though she comes across as kinda evil, I think she’s really just misunderstood…and evil. She has a legal claim to the throne but because she’s just a woman it will never be hers. I can’t excuse the way she tried to ascend to the throne (by killing her father or by aligning with a warlord to force it from her brother’s grasp), but I find her fasicanting. I love that she’s a scorcerer but doesn’t really seem to understand the true power of magic. I know she won’t be successful in her bid for the crown, but I want to watch her try. Hopefully she won’t kill too many people.

The Arthurian Legend. Or maybe it’s a myth. Either way it’s fun and I don’t mind being along for the ride as they re-tell it yet again. I like that Arthur isn’t sure of himself yet as a ruler. I like that there are men already loyal to him, but that it’s a small group. He’s great with the speeches but ruling is more than that. I want to see him do the work. I think he’s up for it.

Guinevere. I like that this is going in a different direction. In all the versions of this story I’ve seen, Guinevere and Arthur are usually separated in age by decades. I like that they’re contemporaries here and I also like that there’s an instant spark between them. I think it’s fitting that Arthur and Guinevere’s relationship starts off with some deception and possibly infidelity on her part, because that’s how it will end as well.

What could use some work:

I like Jamie Campbell Bower but I don’t love him as Arthur. I haven’t seen the Twilight movie he’s in so I don’t know if that would improve my opinion of him or not. I like what I see so far but I want to be more emotionally involved. Hopefully he can draw me in.

I don’t know about Joseph Fiennes yet. I like that they’ve taken Merlin in such a different direction. I love that he’s hesitant to use magic. I want to see where his relationship with Morgan goes. I know they’ve got a history together.

The Knights of the Round table. I know we’re not there yet but I’d actually like to get to know them better. Who are these guys who pledge their allegiance to a king they don’t know? Who are these men who will help Arthur become a legend?

So, I’ll be back for more on Friday. Will you?

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