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Game Changer: Will is Suspended, The Good Wife “Live from Damascus” 

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Neira/CBS

Poor Will. Apparently, Wendy Scott-Carr didn’t take her embarrassing Grand Jury defeat well. Instead of slinking away into the night quietly, she anonymously supplied the State Bar Association with evidence of Will’s embezzlement of $45,000 which occurred 15 years ago. He returned the money but that doesn’t matter. The company party celebrating his big Grand Jury win at Lockhart & Gardner? It quickly turned into a bittersweet party of one after Lionel Deerfield showed up and let him know he was facing disbarment. Will had no choice but to go before the Bar’s Attorney and Compliance Disciplinary Board. Thankfully, Diane put in a good word with Deerfield and the others because something surprising happened. Yes, the panel felt there was sufficient evidence of his theft to warrant disbarment proceedings. But, all of a sudden, there was a second option. Because Diane was able to impress upon the powers that be that Will was integral in establishing the pro bono department at their firm, they decided to show leniency and offered him a six-month suspension instead. He could take it or ready himself for the hearing.

What was Will to do? Diane wanted him to fight. You could tell everything in him was prepared for a fight too. But when he sat down with Alicia, he came up with a different decision altogether. Will was in the wrong and he knew it. He also knew the Pro Bono angle didn’t work because he had fought tooth and nail against its existence. However, the board was offering him leniency because of the program. He couldn’t do it. He made the snap decision while talking to Alicia that he would face the consequences and take the suspension. Just like that, in the middle of a simple, unassuming conversation, Will Gardner made a massive decision that would affect his near future. Can you imagine Will not practicing law? I can’t. Yet, I admire him for doing the right thing. I really like the way he handled the whole situation.

I know this is a sweeps month but a major game-changing event like Will being suspended is usually stuff of season finales. The fact that it happened in February makes me even more excited to see what’s in store for us the rest of the season. Is Will going to serve the entire six months? If not, what is going to enable him to exercise his lawyer skills again? Exactly how is he going to spend his suspension? OK, I’m getting ahead of myself. I can’t wait to see how this show is going to handle things now that Lockhart & Gardner has become Lockhart & Associates. Boy, it’s going to take some time to get used to that name change.

The Good Wife
airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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