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Character Development: Eliot Reveals Info about his Dad, Leverage “The Low Low Price Job” 

Photo Credit: Erik Heinila/TNT

I know we’ve already celebrated Thanksgiving but can I just say I’m beyond thankful we have new episodes of Leverage to entertain us through the holidays? “The Low Low Price Job” was a really good episode because the group helped save those that truly needed to be saved; it showed the team struggling for a way to bring down the bad guy (or the bad gal in this case); and it provided some information about Eliot’s past. That was actually the best part of the hour.

The hitter seemed to take a special interest in this case of the week. I mean, sure, it helped that there was a pretty girl in need — he did score himself a date now didn’t he? But he also seemed to relate to these small town folk and their mom and pop shops. I loved how he bonded with the older man he met while infiltrating the gigantic discount store known as Value!More.

There was a reason why it was so easy to get to know the man who admitted he had once owned a hardware store. It turned out Eliot’s dad also owned a place like that. Hardison overheard his teammate drop this little bit of information and later questioned him about it:

Hardison: “Hey, man, that stuff about your pop running the hardware shop, man — is that real or is that just alias real? (silence) Okay…”

Eliot took his time before answering — I think he struggled with whether or not he should make this deep revelation about his past.

Eliot: “It was more like a hole in the wall…tools stacked up to the ceiling. There was method in his madness though…he knew that place like the back of his hand.”
Hardison: “Did you two work it together?”
Eliot: “He wanted me to run the damn joint. But I wanted to get out and change the world. He didn’t…to get out of there. I joined the service when I was 18 and…that was that.”
Hardison: “When was the last time you were back?”
Eliot: “We had a fight the night before I left…”

He didn’t really finish the thought but I think we can assume he hasn’t seen his dad since then. The most heartbreaking moment of the entire episode was the end, however. After Eliot made that date with the pretty girl, he hopped on a plane and went home.

Armed with a six-pack of beer, he showed up at his dad’s place and knocked on the door. Nobody answered. Ultimately, he left the beer and turned to walk back to the car. The look on his face was one of pain. It was painful to see Eliot hurting like that. He’s the tough guy, you know? He’s usually the one that’s inflicting the hurt. Even so, I’m happy for this character development and the fact we got a great Eliot/Hardison scene is simply icing on the cake.

Will Leverage ever revisit this Eliot’s dad storyline again? Hope so. Christian Kane was amazing in this episode. Would love to see more of his angsty side just as long as it doesn’t overtake his cranky side. Love Cranky Eliot something fierce.

The winter episodes of Leverage air on Tuesdays at 10/9c on TNT.

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  1. mary e brewer

    this was a terrific episode and agree CHRISTIAN KANE was amazing and broke my heart in that final scene.. such a great actor he is! thanks for the very nice blog as well!

    1. Tina Charles

      Thanks for reading! And, yeah, he did such a great job. So glad to finally find out more about Eliot!

      1. mary e brewer

        yes..big CHRISTIAN KANE fan here! so was really glad he had such a big part in this episode! loved it!

  2. Katrin Schiller

    I loved this episode! I also agree that Christian Kane did an amazing job being so emotional for once. It shows that he’s a great actor. Although, like you said, I love cranky Eliot 😉

    1. Tina Charles

      Thanks for reading. Cranky Eliot is the best!

  3. Matty

    I thought “Martin Archer?” or what the name was of his old working collegue at value!more.

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