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Switched At Birth “Protect Me From What I Want” 

Photo Credit: ABC Family

We always think the grass is greener on the other side, don’t we? I had no idea things were so bad for Emmett at home. I knew he was somewhat estranged from his mother after he decided to move in with his dad, but I didn’t know there was so much turmoil at home for him. I love that Kathryn does the typical mom things – offering Emmett food, talking to him about her daughter – to make him feel more at home. And I love that his assignment to take a family portrait brings him into the Kennish family for what seems like the first time. Of course it causes trouble, but Kathryn had the best of intentions and I was so glad she wanted to get to know Emmett better.

Emmett’s Putting Some Distance Between Himself and Bay

There is trouble in paradise. At first, it seems like Emmett is punishing Bay for not telling him the truth about Ty – and maybe he is a little – but we find out the real reason he’s being so distant. He’s afraid he and Bay will fall out of love like his parents did. There was a time they were in love and he can’t believe what they had has turned into what it is now. He loves Bay and he doesn’t want to see that happen to them. Awww.

Regina’s Afraid to Pursue Her Art

I guess Regina considers herself an artist, but only in the past tense. When she meets a man who is opening a gallery nearby she asks him to take a look at Bay’s work. He thinks she’s got great potential but Bay’s young and she needs to continue to develop. He’s looking for someone with a point of view and some history. Someone like Regina, but she’s afraid of stepping on her daughter’s toes. Bay takes things too far when she accuses Adriana of sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Why can’t she be happy someone recognizes her mom’s talent? Some of that talent was passed down to her through DNA, right? She just needs to mature and keep at it and she’ll probably become a great artist. I know kids can be impatient for success, but Bay does need to get comfortable with rejection now.

Kathryn’s Afraid of Rejection Too

I love the sometimes prickly relationship between Regina and Kathryn. I’m usually on Regina’s side and when the two women talk about being an artist and handling rejection, I’m absolutely with Regina. No risk, no reward right? I know Kathryn’s worried about so many things but if she doesn’t even try to get her book out there how can she know if she’s any good? She’s got a great story to tell and a strong support system. I like seeing her push herself. I hope she continues to do that.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

Simone is Trouble

I think Daphne was so worried about making a new friend she refused to heed all the warning signs about Simone. This is a girl who does what she wants and never has to suffer any consquences. I knew she’d be eventually be trouble for Daphne and I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet. I’m glad Daphne came clean to the coach and I love that she beat Simone for the position of point guard. But I hope she’s ready to be mean-girled into submission, because we know Simone’s going to try to bully her.

John Doesn’t Understand His Son, But He’s Trying

John’s a local baseball legend and Toby wants absolutely no part of that. His thing is music, even though John doesn’t seem to understand that. And after Toby basically told his parents they’ve been neglecting him, John wanted to do something special just the two of them. I get that father’s want to help their sons and maybe even share in their glory, but John’s got to let Toby do his own thing. And he is trying. He sees how good his son was at baseball, but now maybe John finally realizes he took all the fun out of that game and he wants to share something with his son that Toby enjoys.

And just when it looks like things are settling back down to (somewhat) normal, Regina sees she’s missed a call from Angelo. Bay will be happy to see him again if he shows up but will anyone else?

Switched At Birth airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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