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Game Changer: Dexter’s Brother is Back “Just Let Go” 

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I was speechless at the end of “Just Let Go” for a few reasons. Not only was I surprised that Brother Sam died after a senseless shooting, but I was shocked when Nick got away with it. Part of me had to applaud Dexter for giving in to his dark passenger, even though that’s not something Brother Sam would have wanted. And the fact that Dexter was so overcome with rage that he drowned Nick instead of taking him to his table? I feel like the only other time I remember Dexter being somewhat “spontaneous” about a kill is when he took Doakes out. And the final surprise was seeing Brian Moser on that beach. I’m scared. This is a whole new level of psycho for Dexter’s mind to go to.

And I don’t use that term loosely. Although I’ve been a loyal fan of Dexter since the first episode of season one, I know I’d be scared sh*tless if I ever countered someone like him in the real world. He’s a serial killer. I don’t care that he only puts people on his table who deserve it; he’s still killing people. But in the safe world of make believe, it’s nice to think there is someone out there like Dexter taking care of the trash in the world. Well, the trash in Miami. But we know how screwed up his mind is and we’ve seen how bad Brian Moser is. So the fact that Dexter’s seeing him – not to mention the fact that he’s also listening to and talking with him – concerns me. Greatly.

And what’s with Dexter disposing of a body in broad daylight? Since when is that ok? It doesn’t look like there’s anyone else out on the water but that is such a huge and unnecessary risk for him to take. And that’s not the only thing that’s been out of character for Dexter this season. I don’t ever remember him doing anything other than blood work. This season he’s been in the morgue and doing things that aren’t blood related. Did Dexter always have these skills or is this something new? I don’t read the books so I don’t know if this is completely new or not. I’m not saying I don’t like it, I’m just saying it’s unexpected.

But back to Brian Moser. He is going to be trouble. Now that Dexter feels there is no light in him, I’m afraid the darkness will completely take over. Maybe the fact that he’s seeing Brian already means that it’s happened. Where’s Harry? Without Harry’s presence and guidance I really do fear for Dexter. I don’t want him to slip up bad enough to expose himself as a serial killer or even bring any real suspicion down on himself. I think the only person who thinks Dexter has anything to hide is Quinn, and he’s a bit distracted right now. Other than that, I think Dexter only has himself to blame if he shows his true nature to any of his co-workers. I would like Deb to discover Dexter’s secret sooner rather than later. Now that would truly be a real game changer.

Dexter airs Sundays at 9/8c on Showtime.

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