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Moment of Goodness

Moment of (Awesome) Goodness: The Marriage Proposal, Cougar Town “Ain’t Love Strange” 

When we saw this episode last week at an amazing Paley Center event, we had no idea it would end with a proposal, never mind the exact proposal Jules said she wanted. That Grayson is a keeper. We love that Grayson sent Tom in to do recon and that Jules (of course) was incredibly detailed about how she wanted it all to go down.

“I want it to look something like it’s out of a fairytale and I want everyone I love to be there. And I want to do all the talking because when it comes to love I’m a street rapping poet yo.”

We love that Jules doesn’t realize what’s happening even after she thinks she’s been caught toilet papering the house of those skater kids she suspecting of sharking her car. She thinks Grayson’s proving – once again – how predictable she is. Then he reminds her that she wanted a life full of surprises. And that their surroundings kinda look like a fairytale. He admits he asked Tom to do recon and then he gets down on one knee and waits for her to do all the talking, because that’s what she said she wanted. When she’s speechless he asks her to marry him and we loved her response so much we may have started tearing up.

“Ok. I’m gonna say yes so don’t get nervous. I just, um, want to think of a way to say it so you know how happy you make me.”

Grayson feels it’s a “pretty good” reply and in front of all the people that are important to them (just like Jules wanted), they become engaged. He slips the ring on her finger and they seal it with a magical kiss. Of course, Jules then breaks the kiss to find out one thing. She needs to know if he thinks she’s truly boring. Her new fiancé easily admits she’s not in the slightest. But she is crazy. And as we all know crazy and boring don’t fit in the same equation.

While this moment had its fair share of the quirky Cougar Town humor we worship so much, that didn’t stop this comedy from featuring one of the most romantic moments this TV season. Plus, it had been so terribly long since we were treated to a new episode it was nice to be reminded why we love CT so incredibly much. We’re happy Jules and Grayson shared this monumental event with us. And we plan on being there for every second of Season 3 and beyond. Oh and there better be a “beyond.” We want Cougar Town to stick around for a long, long time.

Cougar Town airs Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.

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