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Reality Fix: All On The Line Qristyl Frazier Plus-Sexy 

Photo Credit: Sundance Channel

Plus size fashion is not usually something that gets a lot of attention. Every once in a while one of the fashion reality shows I watch will spend an episode on it and in this episode of All on the Line, Joe Zee decides to put Qristyl Frazier in the spotlight. She’s plus size herself and I love her style. She sees bigger women as plus-sexy and has set out to make fashionable clothes in larger sizes. Some of her clothes are a mess – the fabrication and execution is often sub-par because she’s spread herself too thin – but she’s got talent. I love that she turns out to be an even better designer than Joe Zee imagined.

It’s always interesting to see Joe Zee meet with a designer for the first time. We get an idea of what they’ve done in the past that hasn’t worked and we also get a peek into their management style. Do they have time management issues? Have they been delegating to their team? Are they experiencing production or manufacturing problems? When Joe Zee meets Qristyl for the first time we learn a lot. She’s got all these problems and more. She’s also borrowed at least a hundred thousand dollars and has been homeless more than once. It’s time to make this collection work because if she doesn’t she’ll have to walk away and admit she’s a failure.

I loved Joe Zee’s challenge: Make a stylish outfit for a size 0. To me it’s the creative kick in the pants Qristyl needed to get her juices flowing again. And not only did she blow Joe Zee away with her design. But designer Rachel Roy and fashionista Olivia Palermo – who the outfit was for – loved it. And Qristyl was able to modify the design and present it at her Lane Bryant appointment.

Another eye-opener in this episode was watching Qristyl during the critique of her clothes at Elle. I think it’s always important for designers to hear what their customer thinks of their clothes. It should be a learning experience that helps the designer present a better, stronger collection going forward. And of course it’s going to be difficult to hear that someone doesn’t like your clothes. But to watch and hear Qristyl interact with that focus group afterwards was painful. She was so defensive and so unprofessional. I, along with Joe Zee and probably every woman in that focus group, was so uncomfortable.

Photo Credit: Sundance Channel

But Qristyl manages to turn all that feedback into some really great designs. I didn’t love everything she presented to Lane Bryant but I was really impressed with most of her collection. I do love her sense of style and I want to see her be successful. And it was nice to see her so happy after all her hard work.

All on the Line airs Fridays at 9:30/8:30c.

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