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This Shipper May Be Shifting Allegiances on The Vampire Diaries 

Photo Credit: The CW

When Tina, Heather, and I wrote about our TVD OTPs I wrote about Stefan and Elena. I loved (and still love) them as a couple and I believe they can be a couple again, just not right now. Even though some people might be upset with Stefan’s actions in “Our Town,” I’m not and here’s why: I can see that Stefan still cares. He says he doesn’t and he’s acting like he doesn’t but I see it in his eyes (and feel it in my heart – yep, I went there. I’m a sap). If Klaus hadn’t backed down Stefan wouldn’t have gone through with his plan to turn Elena into a vampire. He’s not compelled and he’s holding his humanity at bay, but he wouldn’t have gone that far. He just needed Elena to believe so that Klaus would believe it. Mission accomplished. A nasty side-effect is that he’s pushing Elena further away than ever. But that’s his plan. It will take him a long time to forgive himself for going all Ripper and he feels like he doesn’t deserve Elena’s love. 

So as Stefan pushes Elena away – for her own sake – he’s also pushing her into Damon’s open arms. Damon was so happy in this episode and we all know why. I can admit that I’ve been somewhat reluctant to get on board with this whole Damon and Elena thing, but I’m really enjoying this slow burn. I love that they shared a sweet kiss in “The New Deal,” and I enjoyed their time on her porch in “Our Town.” I liked that Elena told Damon he couldn’t kiss her again (even though you know she kind of wants him to ) and I love how Damon reacted to that. I don’t think the time is right yet either, but I feel like we’ll get there sooner rather than later. And I have to say I don’t really mind. In fact, I’m kind of looking forward to it.

And I don’t think Elena’s being disloyal by following her feelings. She’s attracted to both brothers – and you can understand why, can’t you? Both Stefan and Damon have proven that they’re worthy of her love. I get why Elena’s so reluctant to start something with Damon, but eventually I think she won’t be able to fight her feelings. There’s something alluring about a man (or a vampire) wanting to protect and take care of you. There’s something hot about a powerful, dangerous guy being in love with you and unafraid to show you or tell you that. We know Damon will do anything for her. We know Damon won’t let anything happen to her. So I’m looking forward to seeing more special moments on that porch. And when Elena decides it’s time, I want to see her kiss Damon. I kinda can’t wait.

I know I’m not the only one to notice the toll Damon’s feelings for Elena are taking on him. Yes, he’s happy but he’s drinking a lot (more than normal as far as I can tell), which tells me he’s feeling incredibly guilty. He actually admitted to feeling guilty in “The New Deal” as well and Damon’s not the type to normally have feelings like that. He knows Stefan has sacrificed a lot to keep Elena safe. Stefan would’ve made the ultimate sacrifice, but Klaus stopped him from killing himself. So while it’s easy to understand why Damon’s so chipper, it’s also easy to understand why he’s conflicted. And I like that.

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