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Unpopular Opinion: I’m Happy Daniel’s Alive And Disappointed He’s Not Dead, Revenge “Chaos” 

First, let me say this: I’m not sure this is actually an unpopular opinion. Or if it is, I feel a little betrayed by my own feelings about this. I’m conflicted because I’d convinced myself Daniel was dead and I think part of me had already accepted that when I learned I made the wrong assumption, and I know I’m not alone. I’ve talked to some other people who were also disappointed with the reveal. So why am I feeling this way especially after I’ve been hoping for weeks – if not months – that Daniel survived?

When I started watching “Chaos” and it really looked like Daniel had been killed I was feeling some devastation. I’m not now nor have I ever been a Tyler fan, so I wasn’t happy when it looked like he killed Daniel. I kind of liked that he wanted to take revenge on Emily and I’ll admit he had a great plan. As the hour progressed and it still looked like it was Daniel dead on that beach, I was still feeling the loss and wondering how this would affect all these characters I’ve come to know and (for the most part) love. We all knew Emily would never run away to Paris with Daniel – even if we were hoping she loved him enough to do it. To think that scene was their last interaction before his death was a bit heartbreaking. Then when the actual reveal happened I felt…disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad Tyler’s dead but it’s not the same. If Daniel had been the one shot to death on the beach it would have been such a fascinating, interesting, and bold game changer.

I like Joshua Bowman so I really can’t be upset he’s still around. Now that he has survived the attempt on his life, I hope Revenge will do more with his character. He comes off as a bit of a pawn right now – which he technically is in Emily’s game – but I want him to be so much more. Maybe he fell for Emily so easily and quickly because she knew how to play him. But I believe there’s real love there and while I don’t want Emily to abandon her revegenda completely, I’d love to see her explore her feelings for Daniel. And I’d love to see him question some of her motives. I want this to be much more of a relationship between equals. I think I need to see that Daniel can be his own man (separate from both Emily and his family), before I can really root for this couple. And I’m still rooting for Jack too. That’s a bit tricky for a few reasons, but we’ve all seen how Emily and Jack are together. Emily can only deny her true feelings for him for so long.

So what does it all mean? Where do we go from here? I know Revenge will continue to give us more great storylines, interesting new characters for Emily to revenge on, and continued drama with the characters we do know. What will become of Daniel? Will he start to re-examine his relationship with Emily? Will Emily stand by her man? Will Victoria continue to distrust Emily or come to see her in a new light? How will Daniel’s legal trouble affect his family and his relationship with Emily? Does any or all of this fit into Emily’s plan? I’m very excited to learn the answers to these questions.

Revenge returns Wednesday, February 29th at 10/9c on ABC.

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