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We Need to Know: Why Do Designers Refuse to Listen to Tim Gunn on Project Runway? 

Photo Credit: Lifetime

I love Tim Gunn and I know you do too. So it confuses and often irks me when Tim gives someone advice and they either ignore it or dismiss it. Specifically, I’m talking about when Tim cautions designers about what judges don’t like. If Tim tells you Nina, Michael, and Heidi don’t want to see anything that looks like fabric in the unconventional challange, maybe you shouldn’t use anything that looks like fabric. I’m talking to you Joshua C.

Tim Gunn is a resource and I think quite a few of the (smart) designers use him as such. I do understand a designer not taking Tim’s advice if they feel it’s encroaching on their aesthetic, or vision, or excution of that garment. I get that. I remember Emilio Sosa (season 7) completely disregarding Tim’s advice during the challenge where they designed their own textile. I remember not really liking the way Emilio talked to Tim (I’m protective, sue me), but he went his own way and produced an interesting and eye-catching textile and impressed the judges. So, if you’re going to ignore Tim’s words of wisdom designers, make sure you can defend that garment with your last breath because it might send you home. Otherwise, take Tim’s advice and make it work.

Photo credit: Lifetime

There’s something else I need to know. Was I the only one who liked Anthony Ryan’s birdseed dress more than Oliver’s hombre ensemble? I just thought Anthony’s dress was so chic. I did not think it was too short and I was so impressed that he got birdseed to look that good. I don’t always agree with the judges – and I’m usually fine with that. This time, however, I think they got it wrong. What did you think? Did the right person win this week’s challenge?

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