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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Lines from The Big Bang Theory “The Herb Garden Germination” 

Photo Credit: Justina Mintz/CBS

Episode: The Herb Garden Germination

  • “What an elf I would have made.”
  • “That was uncalled for but I’ll play along. Ow.”
  • “I had an unusual experience with Amy last night.” “Really? How could you tell?”
  • “She was attempting to engage me in gossip.” “You don’t say.” “Yes, I think prolonged exposure to Penny has turned her into a bit of a gabby gurdy.”
  • “You need to explain the game to me.” “It’s complicated but as I remember it the essentials are: get chosen last; get hit by the ball; cry; go home.”
  • “Regardless, I’ve got four tickets. And I was thinking about bringing Bernadette and Howard. She’s really interesting and I bet I can get used to him.”
  • “Hello, Mommy. Hello, Daddy. How are you?” “We’re very rich in a very poor country so all in all, can’t complain.”
  • “Are you listening to this guy?” “Huh? Oh. I’m sorry. I was somewhere else.” “Lucky bastard.”
  • “Whatever it is we’re here for you. You can tell us anything.” “Yeah. Good or devastating.”
  • “Are you familiar with Meme Theory?” “I’m familiar with everything, but, go on.”
  • “Look at you. Getting me to engage in the social sciences. You’re a vixen, Amy Farrah Fowler.”
  • “I’m no stranger to memetic epidemiology. At Johnson Elementary School, the phrase Shelly Cooper’s a smelly pooper spread like wildfire.” “I should think so. That’s gold.”
  • “You should be ashamed of yourself.” “I was when I came in but it’s amazing what liquor does to guilt.”
  • “Well, I know that but how do you know that?” “My sister told me.” “Oh, that gossipy bitch! No offense.” “None taken. You should hear how she talks about you.”
  • “Sheldon and Amy had sex.” “Shut your ass!”
  • “I can’t believe ‘ol smelly pooper finally got laid!”
  • “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.” “Yeah you do, you dog you!”
  • “I must say Amy. Pretending to have intercourse with you has given me a great deal of satisfaction.” “Slow down, Sheldon. I’m not quite there yet.”
  • “Bernadette just asked about my sexual encounter with you. The meme has reached full penetration.” “Pun intended?” “No, happy accident.”
  •  “Interesting. So it went beyond the mere fact of coitus to a blow-by-blow as it were.” “Pun intended?” “I’m sorry, what pun?” “Not important.”

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