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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes From New Girl “Normal” 

Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/Fox

Episode: “Normal”

Writer: Luvh Rakhe

  • “I love these parties. I feel like I’m an ambassador, or a spy, or a really high-class prostitute.” “Well, Jess, it’s a political fundraiser. Who’s to say you can’t be all three?”
  • “He’s listening to the radio and writing with a pen? What decade are we in?”
  • “Yeah, I’m just trying to figure out how to break it to Elvin.” “You gotta cut ties with that kid. He freaks me out. He never blinks. He’s a like a tiny little owl in a shirt.”
  • “Were you gone last week? Is that why it was so quiet?”
  • “Winston that’s almost a mustache.” “Yeah it’s creepy and thin. Just like I like it.”
  • “I’m surprised this one’s still standing. We burned through a lot of ideas last night.” “That’s really great.” “We went deep into the stables.” “Yeah.” “Ugh.” “Cool.”
  • “It’s pretty perfect. It’s like the first act of a TV movie until I find out that he has a wife and kids in another state.”
  • “I don’t trust what ‘cool’ means to all of you so how ’bout we just say ‘be normal.'”
  • “Nick, Real Apps is my idea.” “Real Apps is not your idea.” “Yeah, sure you might have birthed the idea but I midwifed it and I midwifed the crap out of it. It was a messy birth.” “Guys.” “You just thought of the name.” “The name is everything. The name is the name of the game. The game is the name. The game is the name.” “The product is the game.” “Guys. I know you can do this.”
  • “You sure you don’t wanna swing?” “Nah. Pushing’s where the action is.”
  • “Elvin, listen buddy. I think we should talk. You know I’m not gonna be here forever, right?” “I know about death Winston. I know there’s no farm where dogs and grandpa’s go.”
  • “Maybe we should get to work on your resume because yours is terrible. It’s 2012 Winston. Typing is not a special skill.”
  • “How far can you drag an unconscious man?” “I don’t know. I never really checked.”
Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/Fox
  • “Russell hey. I can show you around. I can show you our world. Way up here it’s crystal clear.” “Nick, you’re doing Aladdin.”
  • “Nick stop staring.” “I’m not. Wh- Schmidt’s being really weird too.”
  • “I’m gonna kill him. I want to punch him in his rich old white dude face. Not you. Joe Napoli.”
  • “No, I got the job. And that’s the problem.” “I want six shakes in my frig at all times ready to go. And I want them Beyonce-colored. Not darker. Not lighter. Beyonce!”
  • “Anchor me. Don’t grope me.” “Jess get in there.”
Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/Fox
  • “Ooh, ooh Cece. This is the best game of True American ever. I’m this close to winning.” “I’m gonna go get in your bed.” “Damn.” “Yeah, I’m out.”
  • “Your boss is power-playing you. So you need to power-play him back.” “How do I do that?” “Dip your boys in his shake.”
  • “Stop copying Russell.” “I’m not copying him. I love him.”
  • “I’m mad at him and I’ve never been mad at him before.” “Ugh! Jess this room is not a place of comforting ok? This is Darwin’s jungle where open-minded people do weird things to each other.” “Go away.”
  • You know Jess, what Cece and I like to do? Is we like to fight with our bodies. It’s like a really intense game of capture the flag. I won’t make you guess what the flag is.”
  • “I’m not gonna get Winklevossed because of your sloppiness.”
  • “Would you line up around the corner if they called the iphone a slippery germ brick?” “Yeah, actually I might.” “That’s why they call it basketball and not peach basket catch-it up.” “You just came up with that?”
  • “These are hang-over eggs. See they’ll either stop you from throwing up the rest of the day or you’ll just throw it all up really fast. It’s high risk. High reward.”
  • “Relapse?” “Real Apps.” “Real Apps.” “Relapse?”
  • “It’s all sticky.” “I have an app for that.”
  • “Winston just asked me if he can smoke weed.” “What?” “What?” “No.” “He said when we go to the park he wanted to do it and I get to hold it because I’m a minor.” “Where is your imagination taking you? No.”
  • “If I want to have a drink I don’t really have to play a game while I’m doing it.” “Well that’s my world. Garbage disposals don’t work. Elevators don’t pass inspection.” “Wait, I didn’t know about the elevator.” “Yeah, it was like the cables were really thin. We signed a waiver. They took $100 off our rent.” “That’s really not safe.” “Well, that’s where I live and those are my friends. And that wasn’t even the first stabbing this month.”

New Girl airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.

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