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Moment of Goodness

A Nikita Moment of Goodness between Michael and Nikita 

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

All season long, we’ve been teased with the power of Mikita. Yes, Nikita has occasionally flirted with showing us the potential of a Nikita and Michael pairing. The chemistry is there in abundance. Maggie Q and Shane West work really well together. Each episode I hope the show finds a way to get these two to share scenes. Usually, it’s in flashback or in some sort of fantasy, but in this week’s episode, the Mikita fans like me finally got what we wanted: an actual kiss. No fantasy. No flashback. Just an incredible amount of hotness.  

Lots of action and angst led up to this Moment of Goodness. Michael had turned the tables on Nikita and forced her hand to get her to help him track down Kasim, the man who killed his wife and daughter. Lots of double-cross and intrigue later, Nikita has kidnapped his target of revenge. Only he finds out Kasim was Division and killed his family on Percy’s order. Don’t know why it should have shocked anyone but I think it did shock Michael. It shocked me even knowing Percy’s the scum of the earth. The way Michael dropped the gun in defeat was so sad.

There’s a scene outside where he tells Nikita about the house he was going to surprise his family with, which is so incredibly sad. Michael has more revenge on his mind and who blames him? His first instinct is to kill Percy. Nikita fills him in on why this can’t happen…yet. Because this country will never recover until they find those elusive black boxes. She assures him he’s the strongest person she’s ever met:

“You do the things that other people won’t do. You sacrifice and you dedicate your life to people you know are innocent. I don’t think you’re capable of not caring.”

Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

It’s at this point we realize they’re going to be on the same side from now on. There’s no way Michael can return to Division and it be the status quo. He will return to Division but he’ll have an agenda, an agenda he will now share with Nikita. That’s how I’m choosing to believe what went down. And when Michael turns up at Nikita’s place at the end of the hour, things get electric real quick:

Michael: “You were right. If I just listened to you five years ago, things could have been different.”
Nikita: “Things will be different.

Michael then rushes up and grabs Nikita and the two share an amazing, emotional, explosive kiss to end what was a really great episode. I, for one, am happy we didn’t have to wait four, five, or even six seasons for the two to get together like on other shows. I’m hopeful the writers can make this relationship appropriately drama-filled and exciting. They’ll probably throw lots more obstacles in their way. I don’t care. We’ll always have that kiss. It was a sizzling and satisfying moment. And from the looks of next week’s preview, things aren’t going to stop at that kiss. So great.

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