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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: House “Larger Than Life” 

Photo Credit: FOX

It’s not every day Candice Bergen makes a guest appearance on a TV show. It’s been way too long since she’s been on the small screen (I didn’t watch Boston Legal so in my eyes that doesn’t count) and I’ve missed her terribly. It was also good to see Matthew Lillard and Sprague Grayden in this episode, but I’m going to have to spend most of my time talking about the lovely and talented Candice Bergen. And I won’t apologize for it.

House, as usual, is all about having his way even if he’s letting down both his girlfriend and his best friend. Even though it’s Cuddy’s birthday and Wilson is mourning his breakup with Sam, all House wants is to hang around his place in his undies and drink some scotch. Of course they catch him in his lies and he’s forced to go to Cuddy’s birthday dinner. Earlier in the day he met Arlene when she came into the clinic for a checkup. She never let House know who she was and he’s his normal cantankerous self until he discovers her identity. Now he really thinks he can’t go to the birthday dinner. Cuddy lets him know otherwise and asks him to keep his mouth shut for two hours. It’s the least he can do. But we all know House. Arlene is nothing is not carping so House solves this by drugging her. And Wilson too. It’s actually pretty funny when Wilson realizes what’s going on just before he passes out. The next day Arlene visits House and gives her approval. Even she can see how much House loves her daughter.

What impressed me about this guest appearance is that Candice Bergen isn’t actually on screen very long but when she is, she makes a big impact. And I’m not saying it’s the best guest role ever written, because it’s not. I just really loved seeing her. Arlene is the one person (other than House), that Cuddy has no control over in her life but it becomes clear – at least to the viewers – just how much she does care about her daughter. Seeing Candice Bergen in this role makes me want two things: to see more of her on House and to see more of her on another TV show. Someone give her another series please. She’s kinda awesome.

And now I’ve gotta give some attention to Matthew Lillard and Sprague Hayden. They play a couple who is often separated. Jack’s in a band that’s constantly touring and Eva’s constantly left behind. After he gets sick, it seems like maybe Jack’s ready to change his ways. He even admits to being afraid to stick around; Jack doesn’t want to make a mistake. But when Jack’s cured, he’s no longer interested in making those changes. And Eva just feels stupid for having believed him.

If you’re asking yourself where you know these actors from I’m happy to help. I’m sure you already know Matthew Lillard was in the original Scream. I love that movie. More recently he’s been on the small screen in Law & Order: SVU and Gary Unmarried. The first time I met Sprague Hayden was on John Doe and she’s been quite busy since then. She also did guest stints on shows like Joan of Arcadia (a nice little reunion for her and Amber Tamblyn), Weeds, 24, and Drop Dead Diva. It was nice to see them both in this episode.

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