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Guest Star Goodness

Guest Star Goodness: The Good Wife “Great Firewall” 

Photo Credit: CBS

Another week, another great episode of The Good Wife. It was nice to see Rita Wilson again and I love that Zach Grenier and Michael Boatman play a more central role in tonight’s episode. I have to admit to being more than a little excited about one guest star above all others: Ken Leung. With his accent and demeanor he almost made me forget him as Miles on Lost. Almost. It is nice to see him play such a different role.

Photo Credit: CBS

Ken Leung doesn’t do much television so it’s a real pleasure to see him on the small screen. I don’t know if I can say I ever expected to sympathize or empathize with him. He really made me feel his pain and suffering and need for justice. I just wish that was what Will and Diane really wanted too.

This is Ken Leung’s first guest spot on television since he ended his run on Lost. Before that he was on an episode of The Sopranos and also had a multi-arc story on Law & Order. I would love to see him do series television more often. Maybe a few more guesting roles but I feel certain there is a great role out there for him. Something that combines all his talents – maybe creepy with a side of sympathetic. I don’t know. I’d just love to see him work more.

Equity partners Julius Cane and David Lee come through in a clutch position tonight. I really enjoyed how Julius seemed to defect, only to short Derrick Bond of the vital vote he needed to oust Diane. Well played. If you’re wondering where you’ve seen these actors before, I’m about to tell you.

Photo Credit: CBS

Michael Boatman is very much in demand. The first series I ever remember him from is Spin City, where he was a series regular. More recently he’s done arcs on Gossip Girl and Law & Order: SVU. He’s also guested on White Collar, Warehouse 13, and Criminal Minds among others. I hope this isn’t the last we see of him on The Good Wife. He’s a very good man to have on your side.

Photo Credit: CBS

Zach Grenier is a caustic, abrasive man and a breath of fresh air on this show, at least for me. We need someone who is discontented and knows how to stir the pot. And he’s oh so good at it. Are you wondering where else you’ve seen him lately? Law & Order: SVU and Law & Order. He’s also guested on CSI, Cold Case, and Boston Legal. I will always have fond memories of him from him as Andy on Deadwood. I miss that show and I loved how he turned his life around to become a better man after surviving smallpox. It was so nice to see him put a crimp in Cy Tolliver’s plans, in more ways than one.

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