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We Need To Know: What Happened in that Two-Year Flash Forward on Life Unexpected? 

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

The very end of the finale of Life Unexpected jumped two years and suddenly we were in a world where Lux was in cap and gown giving a speech like she was the valedictorian of her high school class; Ryan was with his ex-girlfriend Julia (Jaime Ray Newman), the same ex-girlfriend we found out was pregnant with his baby two years prior. Cate and Baze were sitting next to each other watching their daughter proudly. But were they together? I was guessing yes. And Alice was there and she was pregnant. Jamie was also there with some sort of significant other and Tasha was graduating with Lux and sitting next to Jones.

After the speech, we found out where all the stars were aligned: Ryan and Julia were definitely together, as were Cate and Baze. Alice was with Math. And Lux was in a normal relationship with Jones. Jones! Last we saw, he was going out with Tasha, right? This ending definitely made me say huh? How did Lux become valedictorian or salutatorian, if that’s truly what she was? How were all these people acting all lovey-dovey and family-like when some partner-changing had been going on?

What this ending did was make me wonder what in the world went on in those two years that all of this could have happened. It must have been a drama-filled two years. A busy, angsty, drama-filled two years. The best part of the entire jump came when Cate and Baze kissed. It was sweet and perfect and it made me suspend disbelief like I’ve never suspended it before. I was a suspending fool! I would love it if someone wrote a book on those two missing years. I’d love to see the progression. Maybe it’s because I was never really ready to let go of Life Unexpected this soon. I’m definitely going to miss the show.

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