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Moment of Goodness

Moments of Goodness: Cate and Lux, Life Unexpected 

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

Two scenes in particular achieved Moment of Goodness status. I was really happy that in the season/series finale (I still don’t know which to write), my favorite moments had to do with Cate and Lux. For the entire run of the show, these two had so many issues to work out. I was really satisfied with the fact by the end of the episodes, they made peace.

But, first, there were things they needed to get out in the open. Cate was tired of all of Lux’s lies. She wanted to know the truth. And Lux told her what she thought was the truth: she wasn’t normal. I liked how she admitted being proposed to by the time she was 16 wasn’t normal. Same with her relationship with her teacher. But, she also thought having her mother see all these different sides to her was going to scare her off.

Teenagers think no one else can feel the way they feel. But, just from watching the show, you could tell that Cate had an inkling. She was never an orphan but her relationship with her own mother was complicated and her dad abandoned his family. She got pregnant in high school which couldn’t have been easy either. Plus, she was such an insecure person. At times, she has seemed as damaged as Lux.

Meanwhile, Cate had to listen to her daughter tell her she doesn’t know what it feels like to be broken inside, when she had just lost her baby. Talk about feeling broken. I thought Cate really tried to break a pattern with her response. Before, she would have tried hard to fix things for Lux. The plan would never have gone smoothly since Cate’s plans never go smoothly. Instead, she expressed how all she wanted was Lux to talk to someone she loves, even if it wasn’t her. I consider that growth.

Later, Lux entered her attic bedroom and saw Cate sleeping in her bed. This was a much more subdued conversation. It was also much more effective. Cate finally drummed into Lux that she wants her in her life; she loves her unconditionally. She loves everything about her daughter: what she knows and what she doesn’t know. And, there’s no way she’s going to stop loving her for any of it. It was exactly what Lux needed to hear.

Cate and Lux scenes were always the most painful to watch because there was so much baggage between them. The history of Cate giving up her baby is something Lux understandably held against her mom and often threw in her face. Both of them were very flawed individuals and their scenes together conjured up so much emotion in a very realistic way. Sometimes, I had to make myself not hit fast forward because their confrontations were so raw. The writing was very key in these scenes, but I also thought Shiri Appleby and Britt Robertson really played off each other well. I’m going to miss this mother-daughter combo big time.

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