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Moment of Goodness

TV Ties: 127 Hours 

Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight

I saw this movie two weeks ago and I’m still thinking about it. Even if you’re squeamish or have a weak stomach, you really should see it. I was able to block some things out with my hand in front of my face while watching James Franco’s face/emotions during “the scene.”

But what I really want to talk about is all the amazing and fabulous television actors who populate this film.

James Franco. Wow. What a great performance. I haven’t always loved him on the big screen but he more than redeems himself for me here. You may remember him from the cult favorite Freaks and Geeks or more recently from two summer stints on General Hospital. He was also the title character in the James Dean TV movie and guested on The X Files. I like that he’s mixing things up, and even doing a little writing.  

Kate Mara. Her role is pretty small (well, that’s true for everyone except James Franco) but she makes an indelible impression. She has quite an impressive and diverse television resume. I remember her from Jack and Bobby and Entourage. You may also remember seeing her in multiple episodes of Nip/Tuck and 24 as well as guest spots on everything from Ed to Cold Case to CSI.

Amber Tamblyn. I’m a huge fan and I love seeing her on the small screen. I’m practically chomping at the bit to see her on House. I’ve read a few articles about her character and I think she’ll bring a very interesting dynamic to the show. But let’s start at the beginning. She got her first major TV role on General Hospital and then did some guest work on shows like Buffy, Boston Public, and CSI: Miami. Her next major role was on Joan of Arcadia. After some work in the movies she returned to series work in The Unusuals and The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, and now House.

Treat Williams. I wasn’t one of those people who discovered Everwood during its first, second, or even third season. I think I didn’t come onboard until Season 4. Better late then never because I really got into that show once I started watching. Now here’s a veteran actor who has had some great TV roles. He’s done a number of TV movies but his first regular series role was in Eddie Dodd as the title character. Next he was a series regular on Good Advice before going on to get Everwood. After that he had arcs on Brothers & Sisters and the Canadian series Heartland. I’d love to see him in another series (preferably stateside).

Kate Burton. You may know her from the stage, but I wasn’t introduced to her until I saw her on Rescue Me. It looks like her TV career started when she starred at Alice in Great Performances: Alice in Wonderland. After that she did a few mini-series and tv movies before small roles in Spenser: For Hire and the Canadian series Home Fires. Her next series regular gig was for Monty and she did some guest work on 100 Centre Street and Law & Order: CI. She had an arc on The Practice before getting more guest work on Judging Amy and Numbers. After Rescue Me, her next multi-episode arcs were on Grey’s Anatomy and L&O. More recently she’s been doing some excellent work on The Good Wife.

Clemence Poesy. Her first (and so far only) American TV series was Gossip Girl, where she had a multi-episode arc, and I really enjoyed her character and what she did for Chuck Bass. She’s been a few movies you may have heard of: Harry Potter and In Bruges. I hope we see more of her on both the big and small screens.

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