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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness (Yet to Come): Michael Rosenbaum on Smallville’s Series Finale 

Photo Credit: The CW

If I may quote the poetess, Pink, “Slam, slam, oh, hot damn!”

YEAH, BABY! We heard tonight that Michael Rosenbaum will dust off the bald cap and return to the land of Lex. It’s about damn time, kind sir.

Lex has been a figure in Season 10 as Smallville closes out its epic run, but NOT our Lex, the Lex we knew and hated and loved and hated, and well, y’all get it. For a show like Smallvile to shut the doors properly and tie up all the loose ends, we needed our Lex, so thank you, Michael, for agreeing to come back for one more go as the sublime Lex Luthor.

You were the reason I kept watching the show when the general plot started to wane, and one of the reasons I returned in season 10, thinking maybe they’d surprise us and there you’d be. I’m so happy you’ll be back to help the show bid adieu.

I’ve missed you, and it would have been such a glaring absence if you’d stayed away. I hope your return is as enjoyable to shoot as it will be for us to watch. Welcome home!

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