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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Olivia Confronts President Grant, Scandal “Sweet Baby” 


Photo credit: Danny Feld/ABC

I am all over anything Kerry Washington does, but managed to miss Scandal‘s premiere last week. Thankfully ABC reran it last night, and DAMN. Girlfriend is fierce as ever as an uber-competent problem solver for the D.C. elite. A former employee of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Olivia is on her own now and mid-stream on a very high-profile case when she’s summoned to Camp David to help quash a brewing infidelity rumor. She wants to look President Grant (Tony Goldwyn) in the eye before she agrees to help and Cyrus (Jeff Perry), the president’s chief aide (comms director?), acquiesces.

When she’s happy with what she sees and hears from Grant, she obliges and in a very quick, cutthroat scene she quickly and quietly annihilates the girl in question Amanda Tanner (Gilmore GirlsLiza Weil) and then goes on about her day. When Amanda later attempts suicide and Olivia’s newbie, Quinn, believes her claims about the president were sincere, Olivia goes to the hospital. Quinn recounts her conversation with the girl and when she repeats the phrase “Sweet Baby” in the context of an affectionate name the president supposedly used for Amanda, Olivia ever so slightly buckles as realizes she’s been played.

She races to the White House and one look at her distraught face is enough for Grant to clear the Oval Office. Their conversation is heated, and then hot as he moves closer and closer to her and puts his hands on her and we learn that Olivia, too, was Grant’s “Sweet Baby,” and he’d lied to her. She’d left her job and struck out on her own because he’d vowed to recommit to his marriage.

Now it’s Olivia’s turn to be annihilated because her gut instincts were clouded because she loved him. Even more gutting is Cyrus walking in on her and Grant kissing and realizing he’s been lied to as well–he didn’t know about Olivia and certainly didn’t know about Amanda. Olivia thinks Cyrus didn’t know because Grant didn’t value her enough, but I think it’s likely because he valued her too much. I think that’s what Cyrus tries to tell her as she flees the room.

When Cyrus comes to see Olivia at the end of the episode and she tells him Amanda is now her client, and if Grant tries to go after Amanda she’ll go after him, he gets it and seems pleased that she’s not going to be trifled with. Game on, y’all.

Scandal airs on ABC on Thursdays at 10 pm/9c.

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