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I’m Giving Gossip Girl Da Boot 


Here at TV Goodness we like to talk about the shows we love. We think it’s a good philosophy to live by and by and large we only talk about the shows we’re passionate about – in a good way. For a while that was true of Gossip Girl but we’ve hit the skids recently. I’m tired of being disappointed in the storylines. I’m tired of being disappointed in the characters decisions and actions. I’m just tired. And I can’t even wait until the end of the season to break up with it. I’m giving Gossip Girl da boot right now. It’s so out of my life.

I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. And I think I was ready to give it so many chances because there are things I love about this show.

1. I’m a sucker for a high school show. So much inherent conflict. I love it when people – both kids and adults – are trying to find out who they’re supposed to be. I love that high school (and college) is a time to learn and discover and try new things. The problem? They still act like they’re in high school. Even the adults.

2. I heart New York. No, I wasn’t born there but I lived there for a long time and consider it my adoptive home town. There is so much to love about that city and plenty to hate. But even a great location can’t save an ailing show.

3. The Upper East Side is a world I know nothing about. It’s so fun when a normal person gets to pull the curtain back on a different world and I felt like we were doing that here. But the more of this world I get to see, the less I want to know the people who inhabit it.

When I get tired of a show I usually watch it until the end of the season to see if it can draw me back in. But it’s too late for that. I love Desmond Harrington‘s Jack Bass and even the promise of seeing him in tonight’s episode can’t get me to turn in. Why? There are so many reasons.

1. They ruined Chuck and Blair for me. Through it all, no matter they did to each other, I thought those two crazy kids would end up together. Blair’s engagement is preposterous and Chuck’s downward spiral into violence and alcoholism is unacceptable.

2. With a best friend like Serena, who needs enemies? It goes both ways actually. Blair and Serena can be horrible to each other. Why are they even friends any more? What do they have in common? They always seem to bring out the worst in each other and delight in tearing each other down. Pass.

3. Do any of these privledged Upper East siders understand consequences? No one ever seems to learn anything or pay any reason price, except Vanessa and I’ll get to her later. I personally don’t think money can buy happiness or get you out of a jam but this show seems to think that. It’s despicable.

4. Why is it ok for everyone to turn on everyone else? Is there such a thing as loyalty in 2011? If anyone on this show sees a way to screw someone else for any sort of profit or advantage they’ll take it. So what if they’re family. So what if they’re your best friend. So what if you love them.

5. Vanessa. While I don’t hate her as much as a lot of other people seem too this is one character who seems to be universally reviled. She started out great but constant and prolonged contact with these Upper East siders has turned her into a joke of her former self. I can’t wait for her to go abroad. Good riddance.

6. The Dan and Blair build up never paid off. I loved Dan and Blair. It was years in the making, so wrong it could’ve been right, and completely unexpected and weird. Maybe that storyline isn’t over yet but at this point I don’t care. They’ve already messed it up enough that I can’t be invested in it – or this show – for one more second.

I’m sure there are numerous other reasons I’ve decided to bail but this is all the time and attention I’m willing to give the show. So long. Farewell. I won’t miss you. Not even a little.

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