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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Dean Becomes [SPOILER], Supernatural “Let the Good Times Roll” 

Moment of Goodness: Dean Becomes [SPOILER], Supernatural “Let the Good Times Roll”
Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW
Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

The CW’s Supernatural ended its 13th season with Dean, once again, making a major transition. This time it wasn’t a dead Dean becoming Demon Dean like he did to close out season nine.

Instead, he finally fulfilled a destiny first visited in seasons four and five of the series. He became the meat suit for the Archangel Michael…with a twist, of course. It’s not the Michael that wanted to go head-to-head with his brother, Lucifer, all those years ago.

No, this is the Michael from the apocalypse world. The one who tortured our Lucifer and made his life hell on Alt!Earth. In last week’s episode, the “siblings” made a simple deal. Michael helps a trapped Lucifer catch up to his son Jack, who was able to escape back to his reality.

Lucifer, in turn, allows Michael to have his way with Earth. How nice of him, right? I Imagine a lot of scorching and smiting and laying waste ensues once Michael gets his hands on this new playground.

Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

In “Let the Good Times Roll,” once Jack arrives in the bunker to help save Sam, Dean and Cas from Michael (doing some serious damage to the archangel’s body in the process), Lucifer materializes in the bunker as well. It’s not too long before Jack learns his father made a deal with Michael and is the one who killed apocalypse world refugee Maggie.

Lucifer quickly shakes off his paternal instincts (if they were ever there to begin with). Fed up with his fatherly duties, he steals his son’s grace and restores his street cred as an all powerful entity. Then he takes off with Jack and, inadvertently, Sam, who hitches a ride.

Anyone who watches this show knows the Winchester boys and their best friend — the angel Castiel — aren’t strangers to brokering a stupid deal or two or three. Fairly recently, Cas said yes to Lucifer causing all sorts of madness and mayhem. Earlier this season, Sam accepted a deal with the devil after said devil resurrected him.

Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

On a yearly basis, Sam, Dean and Cas sacrifice their (hot) bodies in order to save the world, their family and themselves.

Dean knows a souped up Lucifer is practically impossible to stop. So he has a proposition for the injured archangel. After all, he is Michael’s true vessel. Every version of Michael, apparently.

Dean’s deal-making is a one-time thing, he says. He’s the one driving things. Only Dean can tell an arch-freakin’-angel he’s in charge. In the end, a Dean/Michael fusion battles Lucifer. With Sam’s help, Satan gets skewered. RIP Lucifer.

Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

As much as I enjoy Mark Pellegrino and love his presence on Supernatural, I’m happy Lucifer’s gone. I’m sure someday the-powers-that-be will find some sort of loophole and bring this character back, but he’s eaten up so much airtime the last couple of seasons, I need a nice, long break from the devilish dude.

Image Credit: The CW

Even though I’ve been waiting a long time to witness a winged-out Dean Winchester, I do have a slight issue with the moment he made his angelic entrance. The music cue was a little over-the-top. The vibe came off more super-cheesy than Supernatural.

Also kind of cheesy? The Dean/Lucifer showdown. Much of it happens in the air (with the actors on rigs) because the foes are big time archangels, I guess. The Dean/Cain fight from season ten’s “The Executioner’s Song” was way more badass and they kept their feet on the ground. Just saying.

What did resonate with me in this season ender were the quick moments after the fight ends. Jack, Sam and Dean are able to take a breath (just one, however). Lucifer’s gone. Sam says Dean did it. Dean acknowledges they worked together to do it. Then Dean doubles over in pain. He screams, “We had a deal!” When he stands straight up, the transition is complete.

Dean is the permanent vessel. Michael has come out to play and Sam knows it right away. Dean!Michael vanishes after saying, “Thanks for the suit.” When we see him again, he’s walking on the street sporting some serious swagger and a nifty vintage outfit.

Another minor issue I had is the way the finale ended with a freeze frame of Dean!MIchael with his eyes all glow-y. As far as I’m concerned, they could have ended things with him walking. I loved that shot so much.

I’m sure the show was going for dramatic effect here but I wasn’t feeling it. Not like I did when Demon Dean first opened his black eyes in “Do You Believe in Miracles?”

As much as I adore the show playing the Michael card, there’s another reason things ended in anticlimactic fashion for me. For weeks, we’ve been hearing in the press that Jensen Ackles is going to play a different character for the first time ever. One viewers have seen before.

I immediately guessed Michael. I was sure of it. I even re-watched the fifth season to prepare me for it. So, for me, this development is predictable. Ultimately, I don’t really care. This result is what I wanted. But here’s a warning: I hope the execution in season 14 is riveting and satisfying because my expectations are high. HIGH, I tell you.

Image Credit: The CW

I’m so pumped we’re finally going to see Jensen play Michael. I can’t wait to find out how bad things are going to get for the world. I can’t wait to find out what lengths Sam and Cas will go to save Dean.

Supernatural returns to Thursday nights this fall on the CW.

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  1. bjxmas

    I’m glad you liked it too. I hate that the CW promo dept goes overboard trying to get us excited for the finale, when seriously, we’re gonna be there! I don’t watch interviews prior or look at any released pics, cuz I want the full joy of it all being shocking & fresh. But even I saw Jensen talking about his new character & guessed it was Michael. No surprise, which makes my enjoyment of the episode the only surprising element! I even saw pics of Jensen in his new duds at the end, cuz some excited fan just couldn’t wait to post their pics from finding set. I wish we had a blackout around the finale, with no talk & no pics & no clues. Can the CW just stop with all the clues?

    After the ep aired I saw people saying it was cheesy & they didn’t like the fight scene. Guess I’m cheesy cuz being Archangels, I went for it and enjoyed the heck out of it. Yeah, a few moments where it looked odd, but I admire that they really tried to amp up the spectacle of it. And I have to say, prob my fav squee moment was Jensen’s face at the end, how the editing was, the slight quirk & then the blue eyes! Yeah, I loved that!

    Expectations with Supernatural are always high, & why even a regular ep can feel like a disappointment when you want the grand epic ep, so the writers definitely have to up their game again. I never wanted Dean as Michael, as many did back in S5. I LOVE how Swan Song was written, that Dean intrinsically knew saying yes was wrong. That he was the catalyst for Sam to be able to fight off Luci. That Team Free Will & love ruled that afternoon in the graveyard.

    So the big thing I worried about with Michael!Dean, was how was it going to happen? In that respect, they nailed it. I truly felt Dean knew the danger not only Sam was in, but Jack & the entire world. As quickly as it went down, I felt Dean’s desperation & valiant hope that only he could stop Lucifer. I love that he made the deal on his terms, and then was outraged when Michael betrayed him. Yeah, not a surprise the angel lied, but now I hope we get lots of that inner battle, with Dean fiercely fighting to take back control. I have faith he will, hopefully when it comes down to saving Sam again. That bro bond will always save them!

    I hope with how Jensen is considering playing Michael, that the writers will follow his instincts. If Michael finds our world wondrous, then I don’t expect him to torch it. He’s lived in Apocalypse World, I think he’s going to enjoy the beauty, freedom, & all the illicit joys of our world, while only killing & torching in smaller areas, keeping the playground he’s going to discover.

    When stories like this come along, I’m excited & only hope the writers deliver on the promise. Jensen is going to kill it!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s always a joy to see what you think!

    1. Tina Charles

      In that TV Insider interview from the upfronts — have you seen it? In addition to Jensen saying that Michael was going to be wondrous, I think he said something about being wondrous in a look at all the ways there is to be evil sense. So I do think that Michael is going to try to avoid our Earth from going all Apocalypse World. But he’s still going to get all destructive.

      And, yeah, I’m one of the ones who wanted to see Dean be Lucifer back in season five. I still don’t see why it didn’t happen. But now I’m super happy we’re finally going to see him become Michael. Without Lucifer, how’s he going to be stopped? Will Dean be able to save himself? There are so many questions, I love it. I can’t wait to see it in season 14.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts too. LOVE THEM!

      1. bjxmas

        Yes, I watched the interview after. I love how, like Demon!Dean, Jensen is constantly thinking how to portray the character in a new way. Jensen looks at it with fresh eyes, puts himself in that mindset and thinks what would the character want and how would they react. I think he takes to heart what Kim Manners said, “Give them what they want but in a way they don’t expect.” Jensen’s Michael will be deliciously evil and cruel, but mainly self-serving, taking what he wants with no regard for anyone else. I expect Jensen to show us the wonder and the delight Michael will have in this amazing new world. Good times!
        To stop Michael, I hope we get Gabriel back, cuz he can’t be dead. Either happens cuz he’s the Trickster and he had a trick up his sleeve, or when Chuck comes back to handle Michael and help save Dean, he has the “time” to bring Gabe back.
        At this point, I know Jensen and Jared still love doing the show, but their enjoyment is always going to be amped up when they get to act with their friends. So while some call it fan-service, bringing back favorite characters, I also think the writers are doing the Js a solid and giving them what they want too. All within their quest to give us the best Supernatural possible.
        So many awesome possibilities in S14! It’s pretty satisfying to be a SPN fan and still have this gift!

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