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Two Takes: The Catch “The Bad Girl” 

Two Takes: The Catch “The Bad Girl”
Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC
Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC

Fun alliteration popped up in the latest episode of ABC’s The Catch.

Some of it dropped during Margot’s sudden mama drama. Yes, the 15-year-old girl trying to kill her is her daughter and her name is Tessa Riley. Tessa acted like an enfant terrible. It was understandable to see why after hearing her story.

As for Margot, her motherly instinct seemed set on simmer. Tessa talked about finding out her mom was “a mobster, a murderer, and a monster.” What was Margot’s reply? Well she moved real close to her daughter, apologized and then pulled a strand of her hair for DNA testing.

“I’m so sorry. You’re absolutely right. I am a monster.”

So cold.

The other example of alliteration helped make Rhys’ storyline hella interesting. An old girlfriend came into town. Rhys and Chloe Jackson weren’t just about capers and crimes, they were about orgies and orgasms, too. Men, women, they don’t much care. The more the merrier. Unfortunately or fortunately, however you want to look at it, Ben did care…about his friend. He knew this person was bad news for Rhys. The woman Rhys considered “cocaine, cookies and cognac” turned into Ben, Rhys and Justine’s next case.

Tina: Cortney, I know I should be starting off with the big news of the episode: Tessa’s parents are Margot…and Ben. I loved this story from beginning to end. But let’s put a pause on this shocker.

Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC

Instead, I’m going to start with Rhys. I officially have a crush on John Simm. He positively glows as Rhys. It’s such a joy to watch Simm embody this character. Rhys is someone who shouldn’t care about anything that doesn’t begin and end with him. But he does. Plus, he got to be the hero at the end when he didn’t go the selfish, self-involved route. He did the right thing and nabbed Chloe for the feds. Rhys was my MVP of “The Bad Girl” and I thoroughly enjoyed the banter and camaraderie with the trio of Rhys, Ben and Justine. So. Much. Fun. Was. Had.

Cortney: I agree! While this wasn’t the only trio that popped up this episode, it was by far my favorite. And yes, Simm absolutely kills it in every episode as Rhys. He’s undoubtedly smarmy but also charming and spritely enough to render him likable despite all the despicable things he does. And this episode was no exception.

He started off robbing a liquor store in a monkey mask and, by the end, he was “with the good guys”….even if that was only because his plan to take it all for himself and screw everyone else over was interrupted by an equally corrupt-minded con. But in the end, he did the right thing and that’s what matters, right?!

Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC

Honestly, I really loved everything about this storyline, from the witty banter to the Mod Squad team dynamics and especially seeing Justine in the field. While I didn’t anticipate the whole set-up, I was definitely amused by the fact that big bad FBI Agent Justine ended up having to run from the cops — you never know what you’re going to get into when you pair up with cons! But she caught a big fish that she didn’t even know she was after and was able to close multiple cases in the process, which has to earn her a solid pat on the back down at the bureau.

While I’m not sure how this whole you-scratch-my-back-we’ll-scratch-yours will turn out for Ben and Rhys as far as freedom in the long run, I have to say, I’m really enjoying the ride in the meantime. And because I know you’re wondering, Tina, the answer is yes. If Steven Spielberg decides to make a movie about Rhys, you know I am in.

Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC

Tina: Me too. I love how Justine kept giving Ben the hard sell on becoming a permanent FBI consultant as opposed to running off with Alice to Belize in the winter, Gstaad in the summer. That’s definitely a trick that’ll help give this show more seasons should ABC see fit to renew. See what I did there? Consider this my weekly plea to ABC. More episodes of The Catch, please.

Photo Credit: Tony Rivetti/ABC

Before we move on, you know me, I’m a sucker for guest stars. Playing Chloe Jackson was Missi Pyle from, well, her IMDB credits are about a mile long. She’s been in everything. It was good to see her play a sexy do anything (and anyone) criminal who almost got away with the merchandise. She even kissed Gina Torres! I’m super happy Rhys was able to rid himself of this toxic presence in his life, though.

It’s hard to say who the title of this episode was meant for. Who’s “The Bad Girl,” Cortney? Chloe? Yes. Tessa Riley? Yes. Definitely Margot. The scenes between the newly minted mom and her daughter ranged from tense to super tense to monumentally tense. Margot acted like Margot the entire time, though. Although, by the end of the episode, you could see the cracks of vulnerability in those diamond-crusted walls she uses to keep the world out. What did you think about Margot and Tessa?

Cortney: Well, you know I’m a sucker for backstories and character insight and this storyline provided both in spades. First and foremost, I have to say that the casting for Tessa (Philippa Coulthard)  is spot on and I loved the fact that Tessa is just as cunning and manipulative as Margot….just as Margot is as cunning and manipulative as Sybil — the apples don’t fall far from the trees!

I was so intrigued watching Tessa play the “your life will not get any easier when [Ben] finds out about me so just let me kill her” card when she was trying to convince step-mommy Alice to let her get rid of Margot. It was literally like watching a mini-Margot in action and gave us quite a bit of insight into what Margot was probably like as a teenager! Although I also loved that Tessa admitted to underestimating her foe….and as Sybil said, having a daughter who tried to kill you really is quite promising for the future of the Kensington firm.

Speaking of Sybil, I also really enjoyed seeing how this brought her and Margot together in a “motherly” way. We’ve never seen a great relationship between these two and the fact that Sybil SOLD Margot’s baby definitely didn’t make for a promising start in this episode either. But after Tessa tried to kill not only mummy, but also grand-mummy, the two had something to bond over. There were so many great lines and revelations between these two as Sybil reflected on what it’s like to be a mother and for once, Margot seemed to be open to taking her mother’s advice. I’m curious to see what happens with these three and whether they can work together or if the desire for power will overrun them now that Sybil and Tessa seem to be staying in town.

On top of that, I like the other conversations that this storyline brought about as well. First that Margot had numerous abortions but this one she kept because it was Ben’s child. And then she promptly gave her away. I don’t know why but this feels both sweet and kind of awful at the same time.

I also love that the arrival of Tessa led Alice and Ben to have the “do we want kids?” conversation. Everything about this exchange was perfect and solidified why Alice and Ben belong together in my mind. Ben may not have wanted kids with anyone else, but Alice isn’t just anyone and his declaration that if she called and told him she was pregnant that “he would be the happiest man alive” – ugh, it both made me melt and made me cringe knowing what was to come.

I do love how they played the you’re-a-father reveal though in the end. We didn’t actually see Ben hear the news or hear what went on during the meeting between him and Tessa, but from the look on his face, it was clear. That being said, he did walk in as a united front with Alice so while I know the arrival of a 15-year-old daughter will turn his world upside down, I still have confidence that he and Alice will be fine. What do you think, Tina? Am I crazy to believe that?

Tina: Ben did look at Alice for an approval of some sort before walking over to Tessa. I thought that was sweet. But then we saw Alice on the outside looking in. This is a child that now bonds Margot and Ben. I don’t think anything romantic-wise will happen between the two but this may take over his life for a bit. And this is happening just as Team VAlice decide to help Nick out. He’s on the short list for police chief of Los Angeles. He needs AVI to investigate anything that will trip him up as he seeks to become said police chief.

This means thoroughly exploring the whole Ethan situation. A situation, mind you, that caused Val to leave the police force. Nick mentioned how people thought the cops were paid to drop Ethan’s case. Nick wants to find out for sure if that’s what went down. And if it didn’t, he wants to know why Ethan’s case was dropped. This has to mean we’ll be seeing Ethan again. Ethan will be in Alice’s vicinity again just as Ben finds out he has a teenaged daughter. My mind is going places that begin and end with Ben and Alice having a rough go of it in the near future. I’m confident they’ll work things out. But who knows. This show is anything but predictable. I really don’t even like to guess what’s going to happen. I’m always wrong. But that look on Alice’s face…it was a bit heartbreaking. And someone in the episode — I can’t remember who — talked about how the past always comes back to haunt you. So true.

A few quick notes from me (I can’t help it):

-Danny’s reason why he didn’t think Margot was Tessa’s mom? So idiotic. LOL
-Correct me if I’m wrong, but there was no mention of Tommy in this episode at all. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.
-I can’t even think about Margot’s leftenant named Felix and his team-up with a 15-year-old Tessa. Just no.
-I’m still in shock that Margot broke her mom out of prison.
-And favorite little exchange was between Margot and Tessa:

Margot: I find myself feeling oddly proud.
Tessa: Of me?
Margot: No, of me, for not having birthed an idiot.

Cortney: I totally agree. Tessa’s arrival and Ethan’s return are too fortuitously timed for it not to cause trouble with Ben and Alice. That being said, I do love that Nick came to VAlice for help and even more so that Ethan will be back.

Remember when I said I like backstories?? Yea, I meant it. And I NEED to know what happened between Ethan and Alice that was so bad. I can’t help but feel that whatever it was made her in to who she is today and I’m eager to know more. I’m also eager to see more of Nick, Alice and Val working together. I have a feeling they were quite the trio in the past and I’m curious to see how that plays out now that they clearly have some baggage to deal with….might exonerating Ethan (if he’s actually innocent of whatever it is he is presumed not to be innocent of) also exonerate Alice in Nick’s eyes? Or could exonerating Ethan actually bring more heat on Alice? Like you, I’m not going to guess because with the twists and turns on this show, odds are I’ll be way off base.

As far as Margot breaking Sybil out of prison, it feels both appropriate and ironic since she IS the one who put her in there after all! That being said, I feel like saving her life and breaking her out more than makes up for it…but I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Sybil agrees. And yep, this episode was Tommy-free and as far as I’m concerned, c’est la vie. He was a schmuck and doesn’t deserve another moment of our time (although I’m quite sure those words will come back to haunt me if he ever returns).

Can’t wait for next week. According to the promo, we’ll FINALLY get a glimpse in to Alice’s much-discussed not-so-squeaky-clean past….and if her mugshot is any indication, we’re in for quite a wild ride!

The Catch airs Thursday nights at 10/9c on ABC.

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