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Taboo Preview: Season 1 Finale 

Photo Credit: FX

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

I know I’ve used the phrase chess board when discussing this show, but Taboo ramps that analogy way, way up Tuesday night when it closes out its freshman season.

Photo Credit: FX

Despite being confined to the Tower, James sets in motion a series of very precise moves against all who would move against him while ensuring the complicity and safety of his allies. It really is something to watch, especially when you consider the very old school way that it’s done.

Photo Credit: FX
Photo Credit: FX

Outside the walls, as everyone springs into their respective actions, Zilpha charts her own course after last week’s conversation with James, during which he essentially set her free from his hold.

Photo Credit: FX

It’s a fantastic, intricately woven hour as we wrap things up with Chichester, the U.S. spies, the East India Company, Sir Stuart, and the Prince Regent and leave the stage set for a second season, which I do hope we get.

If you need to catch up before the finale, the first seven episodes of Taboo are online now at FX. Here’s a sneak peek of Tuesday’s season finale, which airs at 10/9c Tuesday on FX. So glad they brought this story stateside!

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