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Taboo Preview: Episode 3 

Photo Credit: FX

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

On this week’s Taboo, James recovers from his near-assassination while continuing to collect an assortment of willing and unwilling allies.

In a haze of pain and booze, he comes to realize he needs a backup plan, and a backup for the backup. You get the idea. On top of that, he has his visions to sort through, and experiences unexpected triggers when he enters his mom’s long-locked room and the family’s waterlogged and equally-abandoned cellar.

Photo Credit: FX

We get a better picture of Lorna Bow as she plants herself firmly in James’s world but doesn’t heed his warnings until they actually come to pass and then she discovers he’s not quite as off his nut as she thought. And we find out just what sort of ugly man Zilpha’s husband is through a visit to James, his behavior toward Zilpha, and a series of letters between the half-siblings.

It’s a busy hour, with some moments of levity here and there as everyone seems to be trying to maneuver against each other and retain some sort of prescience about the other party’s next move, with little regard for who may get killed in the process. I can’t put my finger on exactly why yet, but I’m sort of hypnotically enthralled by it all, and it really could have gone either way.

Photo Credit: FX

The first episode drew 1.84 million live viewers and was FX’s most time-shifted premiere (i.e. DVRd and watched later) in the network’s history with 3.43 million total viewers and 1.63 million adults 18-49 (a record for a drama premiere in that age group). The second episode pulled 1.12 million live viewers–not bad at all.

Taboo airs at 10/9c Tuesdays on FX. Here’s a sneak peek of episode 3. You can catch the first two online now at FX.

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