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Van Helsing Season 1 Finale Preview: “It Begins” 

Photo Credit: Dan Power/Helsing S1 Productions/Syfy
Photo Credit: Dan Power/Helsing S1 Productions/Syfy

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Van Helsing closes out its freshman season with an episode that completely sets up a second season, so it’s a very good thing for the fan base that there will actually be one.

Vanessa is pretty much hosed, in the custody of Dmitri, who has quite an origin story for her, and his wackadoodle mad scientist/doctor, who’s eager to find out what makes her tick.

Mohamad is navigating his betrayal vs. his reward and Vanessa is in no mood to hear him out.

Rebecca seeks an alliance outside the vampire world as she plots against Dmitri, and has a very rude awakening for Vanessa when she finally makes her acquaintance.

We also check in on a few more of our rotating characters as they fall in line with the resistance and elsewhere.

Van Helsing airs at 10/9c Friday on SYfy and will only repeat once, at 4 am/3c. Here is a sneak peek of “It Begins.”

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