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The Americans “March 8, 1983” 

Oh no she didn’t.

Photo Credit: Patrick Harbon/FX
Photo Credit: Patrick Harbon/FX

Paige is clearly struggling with who her parents are and what they do. Even though I think she truly appreciates the opportunity to meet someone who she’s actually related to, it brings up even more conflict. But now that she’s met her grandmother Paige doesn’t want to have to lie about it. She doesn’t want to keep this from Henry, or her friends or anyone. So even though Paige prays on it, it’s not a problem she can fix. And she clearly needs to talk to someone. So even though she was warned that telling this secret would land her parents in jail (or worse), Paige breaks down and confides in Pastor Tim. She tells him her parents are Russians.

I am so excited to see how this will play out next season. Of course it’s a huge betrayal. If Pastor Tim believes Paige it could put Elizabeth and Philip in so much danger. But there’s a chance they can nip this in the bud. I mean, if only Pastor Tim know then I think we all know how that’s gonna end. But now that they know they can’t trust Paige, how is that going to affect their relationship? It’s already so volatile. There’s no way the Centre still wants to recruit Paige now, right? Actually, I’m not sure Paige could do anything to stop the Centre from recruiting her. Whenever this storyline goes, I’m in.

Photo Credit: Patrick Harbon/FX
Photo Credit: Patrick Harbon/FX

Stan Is Praised Instead of Sanctioned

I really thought this might be the end of Stan’s career and I was starting to get upset about the possibility of not having Noah Emmerich around next season.

Stan’s clearly in trouble with Gaad for going behind his back – again – and Gaad seems to want to make an example of him. But he outed a Russian spy. And that counts for something, at least with Warren. And the fact that Stan has gotten close to two people at the Rezidentura means something to Warren. Warren appreciates this talent and tells him to ignore the bureaucrats. But Stan isn’t able to convince him to do a trade for Nina, which is a problem. I wonder what he and Oleg will cook up next and how long Stan will be able to play him.

Philip and Sandra Connect

This was maybe the most surprising part of the episode for me, but I think they’re both struggling. They both need human connection without judgement. I think Sandra’s challenge to be completely honest with each other is dangerous – for her. We know Philip will never really be able to tell her everything, but I think he needs that outlet. And I like that this relationship is completely unexpected, but so interesting. I kind of hope he takes her up on it. It will be very interesting to see where this goes.

Nina and Her Mission

I never know if Nina is playing her part very well or we’re actually seeing who she really is. But I like that about Nina; it’s one of the things that makes her so good at her job. I think it’s clear that these missions do take a toll on her, but hopefully she won’t completely lose herself at the end of this one. However this mission ends, I would like to see her back in the states. So I guess I hope she’s successful and that she’ll get to return to the states.

Photo Credit: Patrick Harbon/FX
Photo Credit: Patrick Harbon/FX

Gabriel and Philip

It’s hard to be on Gabriel’s side, especially since we know a little bit more of his agenda after his meeting with Claudia (God, I love Margo Martindale on this show) in last week’s episode. But I like that he tells Philip to grow up. Not everything Philip wants can be achieved. I like that despite everything, Gabriel might have actually helped Philip open his eyes a little bit in terms of his relationship with Elizabeth. But I’m wondering if Gabriel and Philip will be able to overcome their differences and continue working together. He’s still got a really strong connection with Elizabeth, so I think he might be around to stay. But if he or Elizabeth ever find out about his relationship with Claudia, there will be hell to pay.

Random Thoughts

Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/FX
Photo Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/FX

I’m kind of glad the Kimmy storyline was dropped, although I don’t think it’s over. It was so uncomfortable to think that Philip could and/or would go through with seducing a 15 year-old girl. I’m wondering if that storyline will continue next season. They still need access to her father, so I think it’s likely.

I honestly thought Martha was dead after Philip revealed himself to her last week. She now knows his true face and that’s so dangerous for him. But I think he needs this relationship. And I have to agree with Elizabeth on when he should tell Martha about Gene. I think she’ll be really upset. Yes, Martha loves him but he’s asking a lot. Philips needs Martha for more than just the job, but I don’t know if their relationship can survive this.

And has Philip completely lost his motivation for his job? He’s been questioning since we met him back in season 1, but you can tell just how hard Gene’s death is on Philip. I like that he’s uneasy, but that’s dangerous for him. Philip is in America for a reason. He’s working for his country for a reason. If the Centre thinks he’s no longer loyal to the cause, will they hesitate to “retire” him?

I’ll just be sitting over here, impatiently waiting for the next season.

Season 4 of The Americans will premiere in 2016.

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