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Counting Down to From Season 2 

Counting Down to From Season 2

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

We’re just shy of two weeks away from Season 2 of last spring’s obsession, From, which premieres at 9 pm/8c, Sunday, April 23rd, on MGM+ (formerly EPIX). If you never picked it up last year, now’s your chance, and you can do it for free, catching all ten episodes online here.

So, what’s it all about?

From is both a rich relationship drama about a community of people with the shared trauma of being stranded in a town that wasn’t their destination and which they cannot leave, and a straight-up boogedy horror thriller about the things that go bump in the night and shred anybody not safely indoors.

FROM Season 2

It features a mega-talented ensemble cast headed by Harold Perrineau, as the self-appointed Sheriff Boyd, who does his best to keep the peace in the unnamed town, which is easier said than done most days. His counterpart for the group of people who choose to live communally beyond the town’s edge in a ramshackle, rambling house is Donna, played by Elizabeth Saunders. She leads with an open mind and sometimes the swing of an ax if the occasion calls for it.

The groups of folks under both their domains commingle and get along for the most part, united in their shared desire to make it til the next morning. They also steadily learn to roll with the WTF of it all as new arrivals join them, directed off the road by a fallen tree that sends them to town and begins the explanation all over again of where they’ve ended up and the rules of survival.

Season 1 started with the arrival of a family of four–mom and dad Tabitha (Catalina Sandino Moreno) and Jim (Eion Bailey), teenage daughter Julie (Hannah Cheramy), and young son Ethan (Simon Webster). Having survived a recent tragedy but rapidly fraying at the seams, the quartet find their way back to each other as the season introduces outside forces that test their bonds.

They also become our point of entry into the rest of the cast, which includes Victor (Scott McCord ), a middle-aged man-child who’s the town’s longest resident and witness to and survivor of an untold number of massacres. A fellow new arrival Jade, (David Alpay) is a tech genius who hilariously thinks the whole thing is a gag until realizing it absolutely is not.

FROM Season 2

They’re joined by almost a dozen series regulars who are all fantastic and who I had the great fortune to chat with many of last season here plus new faces arriving in Season 2. And that’s all I’m going to tell you in case you haven’t watched it yet so you can find out for yourself just how awesome these folks are. You can read my initial preview of the series here.

If you watched Season 1, here’s what I can tease about Season 2: IT’S SO GOOD, Y’ALL! And it misses zero beats from the closing moments of Season 1, dropping us right back in where they left off, and only slowing down (as much as it does) for episode 2.

Check back closer to the premiere for a full preview and for new interviews! And if you missed any of our conversations for Season 1, they’re all here.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new season arriving April 23rd. And here‘s a fun Spotify playlist of the show’s signature music, which is a character unto itself.

Photos and videos courtesy of MGM+.

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