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Finding Carter “Shut Up and Drive” 

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

There are a few characters on this show that I feel like I may never trust: David and Crash. David has a history of lying and we know he’s not being entirely truthful about his past with Lori. I love that Carter asks him if he was on the phone with Lori when Carter was coming to in that hotel room. Do I believe him? I don’t know. No? He’s got to earn back my trust and that’s going to be a slow and arduous process. And even though I don’t think it’s appropriate for Carter to know the “secret” of his affair with Lori, I am glad he comes clean to someone. Will is break up his marriage and his family? That remains to be seen.

And what about Crash? We now truly know that him shooting Max was an accident – the gun’s safety was on and it misfired. That doesn’t make me more inclined to forgive him for what he did, though. He told Carter he was jealous that they were talking. If he’d had any control over his temper he wouldn’t have put himself in the position to shoot Max. Actually, if he could control his temper I don’t think he would’ve ever met Carter and wreaked havoc on her family.

I, like everyone (except Elizabeth), was shocked to see him out of jail so quickly and while I like that he’s trying to make amends, I don’t understand why he’s not listening to Max. Max keeps telling him to stay away. I get that Crash feels like he needs forgiveness for what he did, but if the person you almost killed is telling you to leave them alone, shouldn’t you listen? I mean, just because someone needs forgiveness doesn’t mean they deserve it.

But I’m not surprised by Max’s actions. He can tell that Crash is actually sorry and it does seem like he’s changed. It’s Taylor who flies off the handle. She thinks Carter has invited Crash back into their lives. But Crash tells Carter he’s not there for her and Crash seems to understand that he doesn’t deserve any more chances. But even after Gabe provokes him, Crash still doesn’t get violent. And that’s progress. Crash was so volatile before. I don’t know if it’s the influence of his long lost uncle or something else, but I like that Crash seems to have changed. Again, I don’t think I can trust him but it is nice when people get second chances – deserved or not.

Photo Credit: MTV
Photo Credit: MTV

I guess Taylor and Max are out of chances…for now. I didn’t like it the first time they broke up and I don’t think I’m going to like it now. It’s interesting that Taylor never saw herself as an angry person, yet all these events are turning her into one. But she’s got a lot to be upset about. I would be really upset if Lori was my bio mom and I’d be really upset if I thought my sister was inviting the guy who almost killed my boyfriend back into our lives. But she’s not helping herself or anyone else by bottling it all up. She needs to get it out and I’m glad she’s turning to Ofe. I wonder if that’ll develop into anything. I like Ofe, but I want her with Max.

Back to Lori and David. Is this the lie that will destroy this family? I understand how David feels that Elizabeth won’t be able to forgive him for this. The fact that he knew Lori and had an affair – either a one night stand or something more substantial – has got to be a blow. But the fact that he kept it a secret all these years? Is it weird to say I understand David’s need to keep quiet on this? I can’t excuse it, but I understand it. Lori told Elizabeth David did a number on both of them and David claimed ignorance. Elizabeth was afraid to be present at Lori’s interrogation because she wasn’t sure she could take any more of Lori’s lies. But will we ever know the actual truth? David’s a liar, but so is Lori. And all that talk last week that Lori was spewing about her “rights” at Carter and Taylor’s mother makes me think she’s at least partially delusional. So, who knows what the truth is. But whatever it is, this lie has damaged this family. Will Elizabeth be able to forgive David and, more importantly, does he deserve it? How will this affect Carter, Taylor and Grant? When will the lies stop?! Ok, that was dramatic. But you get my meaning.

Finding Carter airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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