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Relationship Recaps: Justified 

Photo Credit: FX

I always love the “case of the week” aspect of this show, but the relationships are so fascinating. I’d be shocked and suprised if Raylan ever got his personal life under control. In fact, I hope that never happens because it sure is juicy. Let’s recap.

Photo Credit: Mark Seliger / FX

Raylan and Winona

I know there are some people out there who don’t care for Natalie Zea, but I love her. She wasn’t on my radar until Dirty Sexy Money and it’s a shame because I think she’s great. What do I love about her here? I love that she has history with Raylan. I love that this woman knows Raylan better than any other woman and still doesn’t really get him. I think she makes the effort but it’s always the same problem (with every relationship ever). Men and women do not understand each other. They each make the effort but it all comes down to communcation. Are you taking notes, guys? Talk to her. She really wants to know what’s going on and what you’re thinking. I like that they’re together, even though Winona’s ex has let Raylan know he’s going to win her back. We’ll see. I love that Raylan apologizes before he even knows what he’s done wrong (and in last week’s episode, it was nothing). I hope Ryalan doesn’t screw it up because I really do think Winona is the one for him.

Photo Credit: Mark Seliger / FX

Raylan and Ava

They’ve still got some pretty impressive chemistry. Those few scenes they shared in “The I of the Storm” were sexy and tense. Even last season I think I was rooting for Raylan and Winona but I did like it when he was with Joelle Carter‘s Ava. Raylan has extremely strong protective instincts and because of his history with Ava (and that attraction), I think he let things get more serious that they should have been. I don’t imagine Raylan takes any relationship lightly, but he and Ava probably got things started the wrong way and maybe that’s why it burned out. I don’t know if they’re done yet (or if I want them to be done), but I really like where things are headed for Ava and Boyd. So much possibility.

Photo Credit: Mark Seliger / FX

Ava and Boyd

Just like Raylan, I really want to believe Boyd has changed but I’m skeptical I think Walton Goggins is a revelation in this role. I never watched The Shield, so I’m definitely late to this party. I want to believe he’s reformed and I want to see him get away from all the bad elements in his life. If Ava can help him do that, I’m all for it. We know he’s attracted to her. I don’t know if I believe the reasons Ava gave Raylan for letting Boyd back into her life, much less her house but I’m glad he’s there. I do want to see where things go. I think they could be good for each other, but only of Boyd is staying out of trouble and being honest – about everything – with Ava. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Boyd and Raylan

I doubt these two boyhood chums can ever go back to what they were before. Boyd keeps insisting that he’s changed and Raylan keeps doubting him. Maybe Raylan has cause. Maybe Boyd has continuously and constantly (at least for most of last season) proven how untrustworthy he is. I think it’s possible for Boyd to change and I’m quick to trust him, even though I only know some of his bad deeds. I think his new “friends” from the mine are nothing but trouble. I hope he gets them out of his life and soon. Until then, I think Raylan is wise to doubt anything that comes out of Boyd’s mouth.

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