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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: [SPOILER] Returns in Haven, “The Old Switcheroo, Part 2” 

Photo Credit: Michael Tompkins/Syfy
Photo Credit: Michael Tompkins/Syfy

We’ve reached the point where I admittedly have NO IDEA what the hell is going on in Haven (or Haven), but at the end of tonight’s episode, there was a light that I hope is not a train.

After two weeks of Freaky Friday shenanigans, Duke and Nathan are working on some sort of plan to shake Audrey loose from Mara, but they can’t do it while Nathan is wearing Duke because the Trouble release is tied to physicality and psyche.

After reuniting the estranged brothers who kicked the whole Trouble off in the first place, Nathan and Duke switch back, and Nathan is just enough done with Mara to tell her plainly that if Duke can’t release a Trouble, or he dies in doing it, Audrey’s as a good as dead, so he’ll kill her.

They’re scattered around the empty Gull, Duke barely awake, and he cuts his hand and lets the blood fall. As it disappears into the hardwood, a pulse is emitted that knocks them all to the floor. Nathan races to Duke first and makes sure he’s OK, and while they take a beat to wonder if it worked, Mara starts to cackle.

Then Duke spies someone else in the room, lying naked in the broken glass, and we see tousled blonde hair over bare shoulders. Nathan races toward her and Audrey raises up. We don’t have audio except for her saying, “thank you,” as Nathan scoops her into his arms and Duke and Mara are dumbfounded.

Really, really glad I was unspoiled, minus a curious image from the press site that I included in my preview (and honestly, the naked part was intriguing but I didn’t venture a guess as to what it was about).

So what does all this mean? We have a physically separated Audrey and Mara. That’s new. But are they still tied to each other, the way William’s physical welfare was tied to Lexi’s and Audrey’s (i.e. when William was shot, Audrey took the bullet, too)?

I don’t know. I hope Audrey is somehow 100% Audrey. I have missed her, and I want to see her with Nathan and Duke again. I’m perfectly OK with benching Mara for a spell.

I’m grateful for progress.

Sidebar: Kudos to everybody who had a ball playing their alters. I think Duke-as-Nathan was pretty close to Lucas Bryant IRL. And stoic Duke-as-Nathan was closer to Eric Balfour IRL, which makes watching them play their regular roles and then swap all the more fun. Discuss.

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