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Hell on Wheels Preview: “Life’s a Mystery” [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 

Photo Credit: Chris Large.AMC
Photo Credit: Chris Large.AMC

[Warning: General spoilers in article and preview clip.]

In this week’s Hell on Wheels, Bohannon gets the Band-Aid ripped off a lot of old drama, courtesy of a new arrival in town who has ties back to the war.

The fab swell groovy Jonathan Scarfe, who I have adored for years and years, begins his arc as Sydney Snow, a fairly awful, and deadly human being. While Bohannon initially tries to give him the benefit of the doubt, it’s apparent pretty soon that no good can come from getting reacquainted.

It’s a delicious thing to watch Scarfe tangle with Anson Mount. I knew he was coming in, but it’s another thing to see them out-swagger each other. If I didn’t like Scarfe so much, I’d honestly probably zip through some of their scenes together because he’s just that vile.

Photo Credit: Chris Large.AMC
Photo Credit: Chris Large.AMC

The Killing‘s Gregg Henry guest stars as Brigham Young, who has a surprising meeting with The Swede. Continuum‘s Zak Santiago, who we saw on Motive this week, plays a man Sydney wronged who follows him all the way from Juarez.

Also look for:

  • Durant to get into the deconstruction business, and be on the receiving end of misdirected vengeance.
  • Mickey to be tested, and respond.
  • Bohannon to revisit old deeds with new perspective.
  • Naomi to gain some disturbing insight into her husband.

Sidebar: There’s a Mexican-tinged ballad in the opener and I genuinely wondered whether Scarfe or Mount was doing vocals. It’s not credited at the end of the episode. Comment me if you know who it is.

Hell on Wheels airs at 9/8c Saturday on AMC. Here’s a sneak peek:

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