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Three Shocking Developments from Supernatural’s Mid-Season Finale “Holy Terror” 

Holy Terror
Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

The angel factions are at war. Sam is finally voicing the fact he knows something is going on with him. He just doesn’t know what it is. Cas is back…as a hunter…and then something else. Dean…well, we’ll get to Dean. The mid-season finale for Supernatural not only broke our hearts it set up a second half of the season that promises to be brutal.

Hey, guys! Sorry my recap for “Holy Terror” is hella late. Thanks to real life and a busted laptop, this couldn’t be helped. Thanks for being patient. As for the finale, painful is the only word I can come up with to describe the way the latest winter hellatus began. Some of the more shocking moments and developments and a few random thoughts mixed in for good measure:

#1 Dean is duped and my heart breaks

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Ugh, I hate writing those three words (Dean is duped). But it’s true. Dean made a big leap of faith and he decided to put his trust in Ezekiel. Well that trust was shattered big time. Cas found out Ezekiel died when he fell. The one really inhabiting Sam’s body right now is an angel named Gadreel. He was God’s most trusted. The one that was supposed to protect the Garden of Eden. He wasn’t supposed to let any evil in. But he did. He let “the serpent” in. And for that, he was locked up in “heaven’s darkest dungeon.” That is, until Metatron cleared out heaven and expelled the angels from their homes and prisons causing them to fall to earth. I so wanted Dean to not regret the choices that he made. But I knew better. It all backfired on him spectacularly and Dean had to scramble and scramble big. Which meant he had to put his trust in Kevin. And Kevin paid the price.

Random Thought:

Dean was working overtime to sell his lies as the truth. In this episode alone he said the following words and phrases:

“Would I lie?”

“Damn straight…”


Maybe in using these particular terms he really wanted to get caught? He wanted this burden lifted off his shoulders? I know I would have if I were in his situation. It was difficult for me to watch Dean continue to lie.

#2 Kevin dies and my heart breaks

Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW
Photo Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW

Kevin (to Dean): “I always trust you. And I always end up screwed.”

Who knows. We can come back from winter break and Cas could have healed Kevin. But until then, I’m just saying the powers that be ripped my heart out when Gadreel killed Kevin on Metatron’s orders. That Meta has a massive ego, doesn’t he? You know he’s thinking that he’s the new God. But he’s faux humble when he tells Gadreel he’ll go by “X” instead. He’s so smug about it. And that’s so upsetting. But I digress.

Gadreel duped Dean again when they had their conversation in the storeroom. He had altered the sigils thereby rendering Kevin’s work as null and void. Gadreel pretended to act like Sam. In reality, Sam had left the building. Gadreel had taken over and that’s how he found himself in Kevin’s vicinity. He was close enough to the prophet to kill him (and steal the angel tablets). And Dean had to watch. I can’t even fathom the Dean we’re going to get when the hellatus ends and the drama continues.

Random Thought: I love how Kevin was worried about Sam and Dean. He really was part of the family. I hate talking about him in past tense but I will until I hear of anything different. I so don’t trust this show because so many characters have died and then been resurrected. Just know that while I didn’t instantly love Kevin, I quickly grew to love and adore him and the actor who played him, Osric Chau.

#3 Cas gets his mojo back and my heart…is still processing

The leader of one of the fallen angel factions — Malachi — captured Cas and tortured him for information on Metatron. When Malachi left the pain inflicting to one of his henchman, said henchman turned on Malachi and wanted Cas to help him out with Metatron. Cas was pretty awesome in this scene. He let the idiot think he still had an in with heaven’s lone resident. In reality, Cas played the guy and then he stole his grace. And now Cas has his mojo back. When I said my heart is still processing I meant I don’t know what to think about the angel being an angel again. I kind of loved him as a human. I liked him struggling with his humanity and I loved him working at the Gas-n-Sip. But, you know, I missed the Cas that had all his powers, too. So I’m torn. Human Cas vs. Angel Cas. Which version do you guys prefer? I will say this about him being an angel again. At least he won’t have to take days to get back to the Men of Letters bunker. He can be there in a flash any time he wants to…or wherever the Winchesters are.

Holy Terror
Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW

Random Thought: How adorable was Human Cas demon hunter in “Holy Terror?”  He was so happy to be working alongside Dean and Sam again. He had his first beer and, let me tell you, Buzzed Cas may be my favorite Cas ever. Well, next to Orgy Cas from “The End” and maybe the Hamburgler Cas we got in “My Bloody Valentine” when he was jonesing for meat.

Something else I’m processing about “Holy Terror?” What I ultimately think about this episode. On one hand, there were some really great moments. Some good payoffs. And Jensen’s one perfect tear over Kevin to end the entire hour was simply, painfully beautiful. And it wrecked me. But, on the other hand, I was also hoping Sam would be Sam again by now. I miss him. I’m tired of seeing other versions of him. I want Sam back. And I’m sorry to see Dean get so played. But, I will say, I’m looking forward to seeing the Dean we’re going to get when the show returns in 2014. He’ll probably do whatever it takes to get his brother back and then there will be an epic brother vs. brother battle, don’t you think?

What are your thoughts on this mid-season finale? Did everybody really do what they had to do? Did Kevin have to die? What do you think of Cas getting his mojo back? How dark is Dean going to get?

Supernatural returns Tuesday Jan. 14, 2014 at 9/8c on the CW.

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  1. MByerly

    I figured you were late because you were so traumatized by Kevin’s death and Sam’s mental disappearance.

    I wondered why Metatron wanted Kevin murdered, then Gadreel stole the tablets which made the murder make much more sense. My guess is that there is a way for the angels to get back to Heaven so Kevin the translator had to die and the tablet taken away from Dean.

    That means Kevin will be back and finding the tablet and Sam’s body will be the major agenda for the first few episodes in January.

    I have a question about Kevin’s death. The blast of light when he died seemed more angelic than human. Could Kevin be more than a human prophet?

    And, I never met a Cas I haven’t found amusing, if not likable, so I don’t think we should be unhappy with angel Cas being back.

    He’s also a much wiser angel than he was, and he knows taking the other angel’s grace is pushing to the dark side.

    1. Tina Charles

      Right now I am in denial. So I’m going with the fact that Kevin is coming back.

      And I was a bit traumatized by Kevin’s death, Dean witnessing it and Sam disappearing after his angel-possessed body killed Kevin.

      It was a very traumatic mid-season finale to say the least.

      Thanks for your patience and for reading! 🙂

      1. Debra Goins

        I know, this has to be the hardest one to write.So much more going on at one time so fast..Just wanted to say, That you are one amazing writer. And this show is the best I have ever seen, I have never gotten into a show as I have Supernatural. It’s the most amazing show ever, and the greatest cast ever.So sorry about our sweet, lovable Kevin, hopefully you will be able to some how bring him back. And I would love to see Bobby, He was such a big part of this show and amazing actor ..Appreciate all your hard work and time.I’m a big #1 fan.And I feel like part of family…Love you all.Keep up the great work, and lets see if we can keep this show going on longer than any other show in HISTORY…

        1. Tina Charles

          Thanks for the kind words and, yes, the SPN Family is a special group of people. It’s awesome how passionate we all are and while we’re not perfect, there’s just something amazing about being a part of it. It constantly surprises me how cool it is to be a part of it, actually.

          And, yes, part of my recap being up so late may have had a little something to do with not quite knowing how to capture the episode perfectly. Hope I did it some justice.

          Thanks again! And thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

          1. Debra Goins

            Yes you have made me very proud.We all get into a jam every once in awhile, but what you are doing is such an incredible job.and I’m sure you will find the right words to write. With Gods help, everything is possible. <3

  2. DeanColt45

    I’m still processing. Mostly because every time I stop and think about what happened, my eyes tear up and I end up curled in a little ball.

    I really miss Sam. Processed that much. So I understand why Dean did what he did, and continues to do it – lie, basically do anything to save Sam. He misses his brother. The alternative is Sam dies. Nope. No. No. Just no.

    Terrified about how Sam is going to cope with killing Kevin, even though, yes, technically he had nothing to do with it, so I’m really hoping Kevin comes back. It’s Supernatural after all. It could happen. Otherwise, I’m not sure this is forgivable. Or it’ll be a long, drawn out torturous road to forgiveness. Can my heart take it? As to the blast of light – have we ever seen a prophet die? I mean an active one, touched by that bolt of lightning. Chuck just up and disappeared, and I’m not so sure he was just a prophet.

    It’s possible Metatron is going to go after all the prophets to keep another from popping up. Maybe that’ll be a storyline for a bit.

    Gadreel is being manipulated himself. I think, maybe, unless Dean kills him, that he could become an ally. He’s so scared and uncertain of what he’s doing and he seemed to really take to Dean, but Dean will probably kill him though.

    Oh Dean. I’m afraid we’re about to watch Dean Winchester lose his mind. Not ready for that at all. I think Cas is going to be instrumental in saving him. And yes, I’m profoundly relieved that Cas has angel grace back. I’m watching the Cas of season 5 during the Hellatus, and he was badass, righteous and needed. Sam and Dean need Cas back on their side, ready, willing and able to go to battle. I think Cas will be instrumental in helping Sam and Dean heal, physically and mentally. At least, I hope so.

    Before that though, I’m still just scared. Damn show.

    1. Tina Charles

      Love your comments and speculation. I think everyone will be in a world of pain and darkness (even more than usual) when this show returns in January 2014.

      I don’t know what else to say about that.

      Hoping Kevin comes back so Sam doesn’t have to feel uber guilty.

      But I think Dean will feel the most guilt regardless of whether Kevin comes back or not. He let Ezekiel/Gadreel in their lives. Under manipulation or not, Gadreel was able to get into the bunker and that’s because Dean let him possess Sam. There’s no way that any of this ends without more pain, guilt and some damage — either physical, psychological or emotional.

      I just wish I knew what was in store for the new year.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Debra Goins

      I can only imagine how hard this is.Yes it brings tears to my eye’s to. So realistic. And after so long you feel like real family, and its so sad to see Sam like he is, and poor Kevin. And yes Dean had to do what he done to save his brother. Whom he loves and has been like a father to him. I would hate it if he has to kill Sam, but his gather said that he probably would have to, which that would be fine, only if Cass can bring him back. Because the show has to keep going on.And with out Sam it wouldn’t be the same. Like with Bobby not being on the show, but worse. Sorry I’m just so confused myself. I wouldn’t know what to do…But I trust in you, you haven’t let us down yet… awesome job, Love SUPERNATURAL #1 SHOW …

  3. Lynn

    I was shocked when Kevin died and was hoping that when we come back that Castiel would heal him. But Osric had a link on Twitter to a ‘Good-Bye’ letter he wrote which was very sad but so well written. So I really think he is dead for good, except possibly for a once and done surprise appearance like they do occasionally

  4. adder574

    Thanks for the review Tina. I’m just hoping that we get actual follow through on what’s Dean been through for more than an epsiode or two. The show doesn’t have a great track record in this regard.

    When Dean made his hell confession, I thought it might be headed to Dean breaking down. When I first watched Family Matters I thought maybe we might be headed in his direction because I’ve rarely seen Dean that sloppy on a hunt. But looking back I’m not so sure if that was intentional. It was pretty much dropped for Sam’s demon blood stuff.

    Or in season 7 when Dean was on the edge again. Jensen really sold it in 7,17 when Sam was in the hospital that Dean was barely holding on. I remember that even Jensen commented in an interview that he thought Dean was headed toward some kind of break down. But again it was dropped with the leviathan stuff.

    Now we’re here again, with Dean hanging on by his finger tips. It does sound like we might get some follow up in ep 10, and maybe in 11, but I dont’ want to see it dropped. I’d like to see Dean gets lots of emotional support and not just hammered over the head with what he did wrong.

    1. Tina Charles

      I agree. It needs to be real and it needs to go on for more than an episode or two. And they need to do it in a spectacular fashion.

      I know Jensen can play the s–t out of it. So I want to see it. It’s been hard watching Dean lie so much. He got worse and worse at it as the season continued. So I really need a good payoff from this.

      And we need Sam to be Sam again and for good.

    2. Arafel

      “Now we’re here again, with Dean hanging on by his finger tips. It does sound like we might get some follow up in ep 10, and maybe in 11, but I dont’ want to see it dropped. I’d like to see Dean gets lots of emotional support and not just hammered over the head with what he did wrong.”

      I’d love to see Dean finally lose it completely-like the break-with-reality kind of completely. The guy has so much anger and hurt and pain bottled up inside of him at this point that if he lost it completely on a hunt and felt as if he were somehow back in Purgatory or even Hell?-this I’d love. Dean’s PTSD from those times was never truly explored enough, IMO. I want more of that. As for the brother stuff, I always dread it because the big brother moments seem to always be more about Sam getting all of his feelings on the relationship out on the table while also telling Dean the things that he(Dean)has done wrong and needs to change about the relationship-Metamorphosis, Fallen Idols, Sacrifice-and I’m sure this next one will again be all about how Dean has to learn to let go of Sam, or learn to “trust” Sam(and apparently ONLY Sam)-again and some more-because I guess the writers feel that the viewers can never get enough of the same dyfunction being highlighted over and over again, even after 9 years running. Bah. I don’t want to see Dean groveling and/or apologizing anymore, especially after he’s apologized for everything under the sun already and even things that he shouldn’t have apoogized for and that Sam had more reason to apologize for-the whole Benny scenario and situation and ultimate fiasco and the not even TRYING! to look for or find Dean while Dean was in Purgatory leading the pack at this very moment for me. I don’t think I can handle a second half of Dean as strictly and only the guilty scapegoat-not after last season’s second half of Dean as striclty and only the guilty cheerleader. I am really leery of what they’re going to do with Dean in the second half. I’d rather he go off the rails until the last episodes, if all they’re going to do is ultimately make him the scapegoat for all that’s happened and deny him any kind of redemption sl by dropping his part in things, if they do that-which they have a history of doing time and time again(dropping/giving his sl to someone else) since he broke the first seal on Lucifer’s cage. I’m so tired of Dean being blamed for things, but not being allowed to earn redemption for them. Sam has fully been allowed this and even Castiel has, for his transgressions in letting the leviathons in. Dean deserves a redemption sl this time-especially if he’s going to take on most of the guilt for this one-which I’m sure he will-another apology and then abject misery and contrition and submission to Sam’s will and loss of what little confidence in himself he’s ever had is all that I’m expecting from these writers, though-because it’s all we’ve ever gotten in the past. I thought this episode was just okay. I still love Jensen Ackles and his acting as I’ve never loved another before, but I am fearful of hating what’s coming mainlty because I am very worried about how these writers are going to handle the fall-out from all of this for Dean. Like adder 574’s quote says, I’d love to see more emotional support than blame eventually come out of this for Dean. It’s what HE has always done for his loved ones when the roles were reversed. He puts aside his own feelings of hurt and/or anger and supports them fully-and that’s what I’d like to see them finally do for him, in the long run.
      As alwasy, thanks for the re-cap, Tina.

  5. bluechester

    “I can’t even fathom the Dean we’re going to get when the hellatus ends and the drama continues.”
    Are we going to get a broken Dean or a mad as hell Dean who will stop at nothing to destroy Gadreel and Booger? (Sorry he’ll always be Booger to me)
    The problem with the revenge bent Dean is that he has no one left, no army to rally – just nobody, he’s all alone. And wasn’t that always his worse fear? Is he going use Crowley? But we all know you can’t trust that dastardly devil. Oh but I do love him!!
    And what about Sammy?? Is there still a Sam to save?
    How long to January 14th???????

    1. Debra Goins

      Yea, he will always be booger to me……I know the show is getting so intense. But I love it. I know with Dean, I don’t know what he is going to do, but I cried with him, so sad, And yes Sam is being soooo bad, Like a demon is, I just hope Cass, turns out to be a good Angel, and bring Kevin back..Love this show#1 ever made.Nothing can touch it.keeps me on edge! Wish I could figure out how to put this on my twitter account.

  6. Elizabeth

    Great review Tina! Dean will be in a dark place emotionally and have to deal with the consequences of his actions which Jensen will portray wonderfully. I, for one, agree with what Dean did. Sam and Dean will be stronger than ever. The writers need to complete a storyline for him. They give us his POV but then cut Dean short.

    Poor Sam. I have loved what Jared has done this season and he has been phenomenal playing several characters at once again. What we need though, is Sam and Sam’s POV/emotions. I can’t imagine how horrible he will feel when he realizes he killed Kevin even though it was Gadreel that did the actual killing. That will be extremely hard for him as well as dealing with being possessed again and recovering from being tortured.

    I feel Sam has not been in his right mind for awhile and when the writers return Sam he needs to be able to open up more. The writers only give us bits and pieces of Sam. Let him open up and have a huge emotional breakdown that is even more intense then his confession in Sacrifice. I think that is what he needs to start to try to heal. I will say that I hope there are no insta-fixes for Sam. Jared is such an amazing actor and I would love to see what he could do with having Sam work through his emotions during several episodes. I loved what he gave us in Sacrifice and Jared would just be amazing showing us that side of Sam for a period of time.

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