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Relationships Recap: Nikita 

Photo credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW
Photo credit: Sven Frenzel/The CW

Back in November, I did a piece on Sean telling Alex he loved her seemingly out of nowhere, and then that’s about the last time we saw him, until last week. We’ll get to them. Then we have Nikita and Michael at a crossroads because she severed his hand to save his life (as you do) and his response has been to shut her out completely, until in a moment of weakness he let slip that he really is mad at her about it. Owen’s around, but I really don’t think (or I hope not, anyway) that they will play that card. Then we have Nerd and Sonya. Nothing like a little brain surgery to bring a couple closer. Let’s break them down (but not up!).

Photo credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW
Photo credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Sean and Alex

Last season’s second half was chock full of fun flirtation between these two before they finally kissed, and then we were at the end of the season without any confirmation that they’d gotten together. As we kicked off this season, it looked like they were a formal couple but there was no joy there—she was staying with Division and he wanted her to leave with him and they were at loggerheads.

Then she got shot and started using again and Sean’s ultimatum backfired on him and he disappeared, for several episodes. So, we can assume he doesn’t know about the drugs. He came back for Michael, had a couple of awkward moments with Alex and then they finally got it on the table that she will never be normal so normal emotional manipulations will never work.

They apologized to each other and then made up properly. So, hopefully Sean is back, but there are some i’s left to be dotted there about everything Alex hadn’t told him. I like them together but I want to see them together. He brings out a lighter side in her that nobody else does, and we can always use a little levity.

Photo credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW
Photo credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Birkhoff and Sonya

Speaking of seeing, we really haven’t seen this couple as a couple, either, but when it looked like Amanda could flip Sonya’s kill switch any day now, he cared enough about her to put his reputation on the line with his team, and conduct brain surgery on her to disable it. They initially came together as snippy competitors, and she took his job when he left Division.

Once back, they were stepping on each other’s toes (even after he kissed her in the finale) so we haven’t been privvy to whatever got them on the same page. However it happened, I like that Birkhoff has somebody when he spent last season on the fringe of happy-ish couples. They’re together. She’s safe from Amanda. Next mission!

Photo credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW
Photo credit: Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Nikita and Michael

Oh boy. These are the crazy kids that made me watch this show. If you came in late to watching Nikita, I highly recommend picking up season 1 on DVD (now $24 on Amazon!). Nikita and Michael found each other after a lot of circuitous manipulation on both sides that had her under his thumb at Division, then as an partner, then as an ally outside Division and then as a lover. They took back Division as a team and Michael put a ring on it in the third season premiere.

Then we just kind of settled into a domestic tranquility and that’s dangerous for spies. The only eyebrow raiser was a mission Nikita sent Michael on with Alex where they had to pretend to be carrying on an affair and Nikita was so not worried about it that it was a blip even if the previews tried to amp it up. I was concerned that the writers might go there but in the long haul thought they wouldn’t be that reckless with their regulars. Now we’re a couple of episodes past it and Sean’s back, so maybe there really was nothing to it.

And then Amanda got in the way and Michael got trapped under a car and he told Nikita to leave him and she took his hand instead. In the aftermath, Michael’s thrown up walls and kept Nikita at bay with a bulls-t excuse that he can’t come home because he needs to be near medical. Everybody around them is telling Michael to nut up but he hasn’t. He’s turned his prosthetic into a weapon to divide them.

Nikita finally called him on it last week and told him he can move on from her but she will never move on from him. Then Nerd told her they may have a way to give Michael his hand back. And if that suddenly makes Michael all shiny happy and ready to go home and forgive, and Nikita doesn’t tear him a new one, I’m going to be disappointed.

Michael and Nikita have come through too much for him to just stew silently and alone and make her the villain. I like that Owen has been around, not as a romantic rival, because that ship sailed long ago, but to kick Michael in the ass about his behavior when Nikita won’t. Where he is a genuine threat is on the job, and while Michael has stepped successfully into Ops, field agent work is where he feels validated. So Michael has to sort that out, too.

I love that Nikita is a show that has all of this going on alongside the Division hunt for the dirty 30. It’s so much more than a spy drama. I also love that because it came out of the gate last in the fall, we’re not even to the halfway point this season.

Nikita is all-new tonight with “Brave New World” guest starring John Billingsley (I think-stay tuned, and if so, yay!!). It starts at 8 pm/7c on The CW. Here’s a preview:

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