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Relationship Recap: Alex and Sean, Nikita “Consequences” 

Photo Credit: Sven Frenzel/The CW

Last night, Sean told Alex he loved her and she was floored to hear it. Frankly so was I. Where the hell did that come from? How come we haven’t seen any of that onscreen? I feel like for everything TPTB have done right by Nikita and Michael, they’ve biffed it across the board for Alex and Sean. We had some really wonderful scenes of them together late last season in the run up to their first kiss and that’s pretty much been it. I think the kiss after he tells her is only the second one we’ve had.

Now, Sean’s been reduced to Alex’s bad cop, telling her she needs to bail out of Division because she’s only there to repay an already-settled debt to Nikita. And he’s not wrong. But we haven’t seen the rest of that relationship. Have they been dating? Sleeping together? Living together? I couldn’t tell you. I wonder if Lyndsy Fonseca and Dillon Casey could tell us.

He tells her he loves her after Amanda’s rogue bomb detonates at Division and he has to come to the office to see if she’s OK because she won’t answer his calls. My first thought there is that these are two people who have very different perceptions of what they’re doing with each other. Damaged goods or not, we’ve not seen that struggle play out between these characters.

I love the idea of Sean and Alex together. But I need a little more show with my tell. I need Sean to have something to do. I’m glad he’s back. I’m glad he’s a regular, but we’ve had probably ten lines out of him in the first four episodes. Maybe there’s a boatload of stuff that’s been cut for time so far, but it’s starting to show. And Alex is very evidently about to spiral back into drugs again, so if Sean is really involved with her, he’s going to have to notice that pretty soon. Right? Can we please see that onscreen?

Aside from all that, woo hoo for love. I just wish we’d been invited to the party beforehand.

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