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Lost Girl Preview: “Caged Fae” [VIDEO] 

Photo credit: Syfy
Photo credit: Syfy

Lost Girl‘s Fae are back to business on Syfy tonight with a brand new season. Trimmed from 22 to 13 episodes to streamline the narrative, the third season kicks off in the aftermath of the whirlwind second season finale to find that Bo has been a very, very bad girl and earned herself a spot in the all-women Fae prison, Heccuba, where everything is not at all as it seems.

Never fear, though, because Bo isn’t alone–the gang’s all here to help. Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren, Trick, Hale, and even Vex are ready to back her up. We won’t spoil any of the goodness for you but we can drop a few teasers your way:

  • Bo wears just about the teensiest maid’s outfit you ever saw.
  • Kenzi has in her wardrobe arsenal a redneck wig and a monster truck thong.
  • There’s a new Ash in town.
  • Bo makes a decision about her love live.

The episode doesn’t feel wholly like a season premiere–and that’s a good thing. We don’t know how much time has passed, but the finale is referenced and then we’re off on the next adventure. I loved that everybody was accounted for. The geometric love story will leave one team disappointed, but no door is ever closed forever on Lost Girl, so my advice would be to wait it out and enjoy the ride.

Setting the episode in a prison lends itself to Bo getting the snot knocked out of her more than once, and since she can’t always fight back, it’s a bit hard to watch. But our girl does rise. It’s good to have her and her ragtag Fae and human family back on our TVs.

“Caged Fae” premieres tonight on Syfy at 10 pm/9 c. You can catch a sneak peek of the first scene below.

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