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We Need to Know: Does Your Audition City Make A Difference on SYTYCD? 

Photo Credit: FOX

My answer is YES. Thursday’s audition cities were Atlanta and San Francisco. Atlanta saw the return of Mary Murphy, one of my all-time favorite judges/choreographers. In fact, I’m going to put her on my All-Star Judges list. Lil’ C was also an Atlanta judge. I know not everyone loves him (and his big words), but I see his value and I’m glad he’s at the auditions. In San Francisco, the fabulous and talented Toni Redpath returns to the judges table as does Tyce Diorio. Nigel, of course, will be the one constant judge in all the audition cities. Maybe it was editing, maybe it was that the ATL dancers were more talented, or maybe it was something else but to me it seemed like it was easier to get through to Vegas from Atlanta. And that had everything to do with the judges.

I can’t say Lil’ C and Mary are “easy” judges but it seemed like Atlanta was the place to be to get constructive critiques and a better shot at Vegas. Let me back up a moment and say I’m sure the critiques in San Francisco were constructive too. But any time Tyce is a judge, I prepare myself for some drama. I think he can be extremely harsh and unecessarily cruel (and while I love her, so can Mia who I heard is taking this season off). In fact, I can comfortably call Tyce a dream crusher. He claims he’s not here to crush anyone’s dreams but I firmly believe he is. Maybe the editors only take the mean things he says and string them together but it’s rare that Tyce has something nice to say. I think Toni can also be harsh but I feel like it’s coming from a more genuine place. And there’s just something about her I love so I’ll allow it. Lil’ C doesn’t suffer bad dancers gladly (none of them do) but I think he’s also fair. I’m ecstatic to have Mary Murphy back and get a lot of out of her critiques. I don’t always love Nigel but I do like when he talks about the dance (not the look or sexual appeal of a dancer).

Usually I hate the audition shows but I think SYTYCD started a trend last year of showing more good dancers and that’s something I can get on board with. If I wanted to see bad dancing, I’d watch Dancing With the Stars. Yep, I said it. So as we prepare for Salt Lake City and New York City, I’m going to keep an eye on Tyce. I don’t know if we’ll see him at any more auditions but I would bet it’s harder to get to Vegas from that city.

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