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Summer TV Crush: Scott Bakula, Men of a Certain Age 

Photo Credit: TNT

TNT’s Men of a Certain Age is a recent addition to my TV lineup, having just watched the first season on DVD. You can’t beat the cast; the stories are compelling; I’m really enjoying watching Joe, Owen and Terry figure out how to live their mid-life existences. The series is at times painful, hilarious, sad, hopeful and a million other adjectives. I wasn’t sure if this was a show I could get into but I was wrong. It has so many amazing qualities including a nice view. Yes, let me get shallow for a moment. It’s probably not much of a shock to admit to having a monster TV crush on the great-looking guy who plays Terry, the forever foxy Scott Bakula.

Photo Credit: TNT

Bakula’s Terry is a “professional charmer” who has no problem dating women half his age. The unemployed actor is still trying to find himself. It’s as if being an actor gives him the license to prolong his childhood indefinitely. But it feels like he wants to grow and he’s ready to make that leap into adulthood. Finally. Of course, I have yet to watch the first half of Season 2 so I wonder if that all changes. I find myself disturbed at the lengths Terry goes to in order to avoid doing a lick of work; but at the same time, I want him to succeed in his career and his life. I want him to not mess up his latest relationship; and I think he should be allowed to be a Big Brother. How crazy is that?

Photo Credit: TNT

I attribute the character’s likability to the presence of Scott Bakula. The writing is essential, of course, but Terry’s a guy who could easily be seen as a tool. Bakula infuses the character with just the right charm to make it impossible to dislike him. It also helps that he’s extremely hot. It’s difficult to detest a man that’s that good-looking. Just saying. Plus, he works this adorable rumpled look that’s so sexy. What’s incredible is that he’s remained gorgeous ever since his breakthrough role as Dr. Sam Beckett on the late great 80s sci-fi series Quantum Leap . But, I argue, that he’s gotten even better looking over the years. So, needless to say, I’m happy I finally tuned into Men of a Certain Age.

Men of a Certain Age airs Wednesdays at 10/9C on TNT.

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