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Get With the Program: Community, Season One Part 1 

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Every day this week we’re doing something on Community and calling it COUNTDOWN TO GOODNESS. We hope you’re as excited for it’s return as we are.

If you’re like us, sometimes it takes you a little bit of time to get on board with a show. It’s a show a lot of people you know like and for whatever reason you’ve just never had time to watch. Sometimes, it’s a case of watching the pilot and being somewhat underwhelmed. I remember liking this pilot but not loving it and I gave up on it way too early. I’m finally ready to get with the program.

This show is funny, which I guess is good considering it’s a comedy. I love Joel McHale. I love the dynamic of the ensemble. I love that sometimes it goes off the rails in the most awesome and hilarious ways. I just love it. Let me count the ways.

So far I’ve managed to catch up on the first half of Season One. There are two episodes I want to highlight that have contributed to my newfound fandom.

Introduction to Statistics

It’s been a bit of a dry spell for Jeff, which is something new for him. He’s interested in his sexy stats professor, Lauren Stamile‘s Michelle Slater (who you might recognize as Rose from Grey’s) and he’s kinda willing to do anything to get with her. It gets a bit embarassing but in a hilarious way.

In the meantime, our resident overachiever Annie has decided to throw a Day of the Dead party for extra credit. She makes everyone in the study group promise to be there but, of course, things go awry.

Best part of the episode: Danny Pudi‘s Abed as Batman. Every single line that came out of his mouth (and in the “Batman” voice, no less), was brilliant. Dead. Pan. Genius

Very close runner up: Senor Chang coaching Jeff on how to ask his hot teacher out. And then Jeff doing exactly what Change tells him.

Debate 109

Abed is some sort of prescient genius. I love that he (mostly) can only connect with people through film. What’s interesting about his short films (other that they’re about the group), is everything he puts in those films seems to come true. Pierce hurts his leg, Brita makes Troy cry, Jeff kisses Annie, and if Abed’s films really do come true Shirley had better expect an encounter with a werewolf in her immediate future.

Of course Jeff has to be bribed into showing a little bit of school spirit at first but he soon takes the challenge seriously when he gets no points for his first rebuttal. I don’t know about you but I like this Jeff/Annie thing. I like that Jeff’s cool and jaded AND attracted to little Miss Goodie Two Shoes. And I like that Annie pulls out all the stops at the debate and kisses Jeff to make her point.

Favorite lines:

Troy: “Have you seen the film department’s website?”

Jeff: “What do you think?”

Dean: “Mr. Winger, did you happen to hear my announcement?”

Jeff: “I hang on every word.”

Dean: “I’m gonna assume that’s sarcasm.”

Jeff: “Correct.”

Dean: “And you didn’t hear my announcement.”

Jeff: “I’m barely listening now.”

Pierce: “By the way Jeff I think your shirt’s trying to get out of your pants.”

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