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First Watch: Episodes “Episode 1” 

Photo Credit: Showtime

Since I live in Los Angeles and work in the industry, I usually never get bored with “insider” shows. The fresh and interesting take here – at least for me – is the British couple just trying to make sense of it all. I’m not sure how the entertainment industry works across the pond but it’s evident that things are very different there. I kinda love that they’re shocked Merc hasn’t watched their show. The funniest part of the episode comes when feeling a little randy, Beverly and Sean decide to fill up the Jacuzzi and have some fun. The only problem is the tub takes forever to fill up and by the time it’s maybe a quarter full they’re not in the mood anymore. Oh well. I also enjoyed their interactions with security at the gated entrance to their neighborhood and the moment Richard Griffiths realizes he’s lost the room at his audition. We didn’t get much Matt LeBlanc in this episode, which makes total sense. Next week should be fun.

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