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“Science Fair” Directors Darren Foster and Cristina Costantini Preview Their New Series 

“Science Fair” Directors Darren Foster and Cristina Costantini Preview Their New Series

Whether or not you watched the Emmy award-winning documentary film Science Fair (and I hope you did; it was fantastic), this new series will have you hooked immediately. Not only are we introduced to a whole new group of young adults who are quite literally going to change the world we live in and make it better, but as we get to know them and their families and the educators who believe in and encourage them, we start to root for them and care for them as well.

The trailer:

In my exclusive interview with the directors, we talk about expanding the Science Fair Universe (SFU), why they wanted to do a series, the incredible characters and stories in this world, and how science can be a ray of hope — and even fun (while also being urgent and important).

The students at a glance:

Natasha Kulviwat / Adolescent Suicide Research

Photo Credit: (National Geographic for Disney/Karen Gaytán)

Olivia Wagner / Uniform Gender Bias

Photo Credit: National Geographic for Disney/Karen Gaytán

Robert Sansone / Sustainable Electric Motor

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Memory Bvungo / Innovations in Biofuel

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Marissa Martinez / Save the Birds

Photo Credit: National Geographic/Dana Ballout

Erin Gaydar / Microalgae Reduction

Photo Credit: National Geographic/Karen Gaytán

Endrick Garcia-Torres and Savdiel Ducret / Wound Infection Monitor

Photo Credit: National Geographic/Karen Gaytán

Kevin Zhou / Cancer Detection

Photo Credit: National Geographic/A. Mazonkey-J. D. Nell

Chloe Hines / Plastic Eating Bacteria

Photo Credit: National Geographic/A. Mazonkey-J. D. Nell

Over the course of this 3-episode series, we will get to know these students and many others as they attempt to qualify for ISEF. Who will get a ticket straight to Atlanta? Who will fail to make it beyond their regional or local science fairs? Who defies the odds to make it all the way? Who will place at the fair and how will it change their futures? You’ll have to watch to find out, but you’ll enjoy every moment of this heartfelt and engaging series.

Science Fair: The Series premiered on National Geographic and is streaming on Disney+ and Hulu.

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