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The Knick “Start Calling Me Dad” 


Photo Credit: Cinemax
Photo Credit: Cinemax

It was only a matter of time before someone learned what Edwards was doing in the basement. It makes sense that a person as dedicated and stubborn as Edwards (and maybe the fact that it’s Thackery is poetic as well), is the one to discover him. It’s interesting that Thack uses the word “mortality” when he’s scolding Edwards for his work, especially considering some of the things we’ve seen him do – and even in this episode. But it’s the threat of Edwards taking his inventions and new procedures elsewhere that finally convinces Thackery to formally embrace Edwards as his deputy. It’s about time.

Even though I worry that Thackery is driving himself into an early grave with all that drug use, I have to admire his work ethic. He’s so focused on finding a way to keep both the babies and their mothers alive during placental repair surgery. He even goes so far as to put Christiansen’s name on its solution – maybe to help him deal with the loss of his mentor, maybe to take some of the stigma from Christiansen’s suicide. But I love that Bertie’s name is on it too. Because he does more that just sit back and watch the “brilliant” Dr. Thackery at work. He contributes and that’s why Thackery rewards him. I can’t imagine Bertie ever going to work for his father at Columbia, especially when he has the chance to be part of something so exciting at The Knick.

And maybe that’s what he and Lucy have in common – their hero-worship of Thackery. They’re both intoxicated by the man. Bertie wants to help people, but he also wants to learn and be challenged. Lucy, I think, also wants to be able to contribute in her own way and thinks it’s important for Thackery to be encouraged. I hope she doesn’t lead Bertie on for too long, though. She’s got to know he’s interested in more than just a friendship. But the only person who has caught Lucy’s eye is Thackery.

Cordelia Helps Apprehend Typhoid Mary

I love that she and Speight were able to track Typhoid Mary down. When Mary isn’t willing to accompany Speight to The Knick to provide samples of her DNA, Cordelia takes her down. Much like Speight, I was delighted to see a “society lady” get so physical. We know how rewarding this is for Cordelia, because she tells the men in her life about it. She talks to Edwards when they run into each other outside the hospital (I just love their friendship and I hope we get to continue seeing it) and then she tells her father, her fiance and her future father-in-law. I hate that those men keep assuming Cordelia will give up her job, but what other option does she have? And when Mr. Showalter comes into her room? I was really scared for her. If (more like when, probably) she marries Phillip, I’ll worry about her emotional state as well as her physical safety.

Photo Credit: Mary Cybulski/Cinemax
Photo Credit: Mary Cybulski/Cinemax

Lillian Gallinger Dies

It seemed like things were heading in that direction, but it was still pretty devastating to see – maybe even more so because we could see and hear how much that baby suffered. Eleanor kept thinking Lillian would recover, but even bleeding the baby didn’t work. When Sister Harry comes to offer her condolences, I was surprised to hear Eleanor talk to her about the possibilities of Lillian getting better. Eleanor seemed to realize her baby was dead, but couldn’t didn’t want to rule out the possibility of a miracle. Sister Harry tells Everett that his wife’s reaction is common and that maybe taking in one of the babies from the orphanage might ease a bit of their pain. I hope they do it. Those babies need good homes and despite how much I dislike Everett, I don’t want to see his marriage fall apart.

Edwards Has Anger Management Issues

It probably took me longer than it should have to realize that he picks fights when he’s upset. His first few fights seemed to be more about him standing up for himself, but in this episode we see that it’s his way of dealing with disappointment. And he’s got plenty to be down about. So when Edwards is at the bar and drinking, even the bartender can see how Edwards is spoiling for a fight. He tries to warn Edwards off and I guess he succeeds to a degree. Edwards had his eye on a guy who’s a professional boxer, but settles for some other guy at the bar. I hope that his improved prospects at work keep him too busy to go looking for problems. He’s got to know if he injures his hands, it’s the end of his career as a surgeon.

Barrow Works His Angle

I knew he was up to something and in this episode, we see what. The Captain knows the cost of the x-ray machine and I assume he’s put those funds into the hospital’s accounts. So when Barrow meets with a man selling a used machine, I finally realize his angle. He gets the price reduced by a thousand dollars and the hospital gets what it needs. If Barrow is smart – which we know he isn’t – he’ll use that surplus to pay down his debt with Bunky. I suspect most, if not all of it, will go towards the upkeep of his mistress.

Thackery Is No Quack

I don’t think I’ve ever truly questioned Thack’s motivations. I can see that he’s a man who is truly trying to save lives. He can be vain about it, but part of the reason he’s so great at what he does is his bravado, his confidence in himself. He needs to believe in himself enough to invent these new techniques and tools. So when Thackery gets a visit from Mr. Luff, I really wasn’t sure how that was gonna go. I don’t believe Thackery’s in this business to make money, so right away I knew that was the wrong approach. But more than that, if Thackery puts his name on something it’s got to be proven to work. He’s not a charlatan and I love that he kicks Luff out of his office.

The Knick airs Fridays at 10/9c on Cinemax.

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    “to provide samples of her DNA”

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    1. TV Goodness

      Hahahahaha. Well, I didn’t want to be as vulgar as Speight. No one wants that.

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