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Hell on Wheels Preview: “Under Color of Law” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Chris Large/AMC
Photo Credit: Chris Large/AMC

[Warning: General spoilers in the article, images, and clip.]

After last week’s gut punch of an episode (click here for our recap), things get back to normal-ish for the Hell on Wheels crew. Bohannon throws himself completely into his work, forcing Naomi to assert herself in the most direct way possible. Mickey rides back into town, and finds Cheyenne even more lawless than when he left, which Campbell begins doing something about.

Elsewhere in the episode:

  • Eva helps Charlotte (Sara Canning) and they have a super awkward conversation.
  • Ezra stands up to Snow.
  • A new Marshal is christened.
  • Familiar faces are rounded up in a “clean sweep” initiated by Campbell.
  • Brigham Young tests The Swede.
Photo Credit: Chris Large/AMC
Photo Credit: Chris Large/AMC

In many ways, it feels like a return to the season two energy. It’s dark, but not oppressive. And by the hour’s end, Bohannon is galvanized. That’s always good. Hell on Wheels airs Saturday at 9/8c on AMC.

Here’s a sneak peek:



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