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The Honorable Woman “The Unfaithful Husband” 

Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/Sundance TV
Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/Sundance TV

Nessa Stein is a woman with secrets. We don’t know what happened to her and Atika eight years ago, but it’s clear they don’t want anyone to know what they’re trying so desperately to hide. Ephra thinks it might help the police find a lead on Kasim’s kidnappers or the reason behind his abduction, because clearly the police have no clue what they’re dealing with. I had assumed Kasim was Ephra and Rachel’s child, so it was a bit of a shock to discover he’s Atika’s son. Rachel thinks the kidnappers made a mistake and took the wrong child, but Ephra, Atika and Nessa know Kasim was the target and it all goes back to whatever happened to Nessa and Atika in Rafah.

MI6 had a lead, until whoever is behind Kasim’s kidnapping gets to him. After the man wakes up in the hospital, he’s instructed to kill himself and make it look like he succumbed to his injuries. So MI6 doesn’t even get a chance to question him. Hugh continues to investigate Samir Meshaal’s death and is able to discredit the story of his alleged mistress Rebecca Lantham. We learn she’s actually Tracy Vornan, a special agent with the FBI. After her cover is blown, Tracy’s handler tells her to go to her rest point and wait there. But Tracy gets spooked when she gets a call from a Monica. She never tells Tracy who she is, but we recognize her voice. And, at first, we think she’s trying to help. But Tracy is killed by her cabbie, who is then killed by someone he addresses (jovially) as Mary Poppins. It may be Monica, or it may be someone else. We never see her face.

Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/Sundance TV
Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/Sundance TV

Janet has to take a meeting with General Berkoff after the two Americans are discovered. Nessa has an ally in the General because he tells Janet he wants Nessa to remain in the House or Lords. But what’s his end game? Why is he so interested in seeing Nessa remain active in British Parliament? When they meet in person, Janet tells Berkoff she’ll turn a blind eye if she’s told where not to look. He tells her to stop looking at Samir Meshaal. So, finally, we get confirmation that his suicide was, in fact, an assassination. She breaks the news to Hugh and we learn Janet’s the reason his marriage broke up, at least according to Hugh. And although Janet knows they should keep looking into Meshaal, instead she gives him Nessa’s file. But he only gets it for half an hour.

Random Thoughts

I can’t imagine what it’s like to have to have constant protection. Ephra and Nessa have become so accustomed to being under guard, that they know exactly when and how to slip away to have some private time. But to be under constant threat and to always be worried about the safety of yourself and those around you? I don’t know how they do it. It’s clearly taken its toll though. Nessa suspects everyone, including the man she’s having sex with at the beginning of the episode. But her instincts are right and he’s with MI6. And Rachel isn’t interested in any lip service from anyone. She accuses Ephra’s father of wanting to save Israel and Nessa of wanting to save the Middle East. She thinks it’s all vanity and wonders what her husband has planned for their daughters.

Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/Sundance TV
Photo Credit: Robert Viglasky/Sundance TV

I’m so curious about Monica. We learn she’s the one who got Janet to force retirement on Hugh, or she at least had a hand in it. She’s the one who calls Tracy and directs her to leave her hotel room. She also knows a secret about Ephra and claims she’s keep it safe. I’m assuming she’s referring to his affair with Atika, but we’ll have to wait and see if that’s it. She’s clearly not what she seems, which makes her all the more dangerous. I like it.

Memorable Dialogue

Nessa: “Nothing can change because of this. I’m sorry. Nothing can change.”
Frances: “Except it has. It’s changed everything.”

Janet: “Right now General, I’m doing that thing where you pin the tail on the end of a donkey. Only I’m worried that if you don’t cut me a little hole in my blindfold I might just end up sticking it on your bollocks.”

This series is even better than I had anticipated. I can’t wait to watch the next episode.

The Honorable Woman airs Thursdays at 10/9c on Sundance TV.

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