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Quick Takes: The 100’s Isaiah Washington Talks About Returning to Grey’s Anatomy [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Joe Magnani /The CW
Photo Credit: Joe Magnani /The CW

During last night’s episode of the CW series, The 100, Isaiah Washington gave one of the most emotional moments of the entire episode. His character had just found out his son died. When those affected by the awful culling expressed their dissatisfaction at recent events and the lack of communication going on, one of them mentioned something about Chancellor Jaha not knowing what they were going through. Well, Jaha told them otherwise. He screamed, “I lost my son!” Those words he unleashed on the masses before him sounded like they came from a broken man. They actually brought tears to my eyes. It was a painful yet wonderful moment for the series.

This week, Washington is pulling double duty. Last night, he was on The 100. Tonight, he returns to Grey’s Anatomy for an episode in what is one of the biggest surprises of this TV season. Sandra Oh is leaving the show after ten seasons so it totally makes sense that creator Shonda Rhimes would schedule the return of Dr. Preston Burke in order to help bring closure to Cristina Yang’s story.

At this year’s WonderCon, Washington opened up to a round table of writers that included TV Goodness. He talked about returning to the show, what to expect from his episode and he gushes about Oh. Washington returns to Grey’s tonight at 9/8c on ABC.

We’ll have Washington talking about The 100 before next week’s episode. Don’t forget to tune in to the sci-fi series Wednesday nights at 9/8c.

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